Hard work + Consistency = Success.

People think that in order to be successful you have to have a huge audience, you must have an insane amount of business knowledge, or you must hustle your ass off to get to the top.

None of which are needed.

In fact, if you feel hustly, you’re doing it wrong. You’re coming from a place of lack. In which case, you will sell from emotion, not value. And that will equal way less sales.

And if you’re obsessed with growing your audience, you’re wasting time that could be spent nurturing and selling to your existing audience.

I did my first $250k year with only ~100 people in my “audience” as well as a tiny email list.

And if you feel you’re lacking business knowledge, then good. Welcome to the club. The club where we make shit up as we go and we hire other people to do things for us so we can focus on giving value to our small audience.

As an entrepreneur, everything you will do is an experiment. Most of it fails. Some of it succeeds. Both of which force you to learn and evolve.

Regardless, you only need one thing to become successful: that is commitment to doing the tiny, thankless mundane things. And that means doing the shit that ain’t always Instagram-pretty.

When we see successful people, we like to only see the glamourous side of their success, not the micro everyday commitments.
It’s like when you see someone with an AMAZING body, but never thought about them repetitively hitting the gym at 5 am, scraping ice off their car so they can back squat…again. Alone. For the hundredth time.

We didn’t see them cooking every meal, counting their macros, tracking their water intake each day, consistently communicating with their health coach, and sacrificing their nights of cocktails with friends to accommodate the next day’s ice scraping to repeat their gym groundhog day. We only saw the bod on the beach on the newsfeed, am I right?

And like that, everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone wants to see or do the mundane, consistent, blah-work. The ice scraping on back squat day. The writing of the emails. The investing of time in networking. The goal setting. The training of new software. Most people wanna skip all that and go straight to being a successful business owner with a pretty Instagram feed and 100k followers.

Success comes from the adding up of 1 million non-glamourous micro commitments. Committing to the inches, not the miles, and doing it when no one is watching.

This, my friend, adds up to success.

No matter which way you cut it.

1+ 1 = 2. Every single time.

This. Is. The. Work.

So when you want to take your business to the next level, ask yourself what your daily routine looks like.

Then, micro-dose that shit.

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