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You’re really good at what you do…so where are all of your clients? 

I see you. Kicking ass. Killin’ it in your craft. 

But being great at your craft doesn’t equal a successful business.

In fact, it’s almost always the opposite. You’ve been busy AF becoming an expert in your field, you haven’t had the time to consider how you’re going to sell your craft. You feel stuck when it comes to showing people that you can help them. You haven’t practiced effective email writing, social media posts, and wtf is a funnel?

Here’s the thing though…you’re not bad at selling. Stop telling yourself that.

You just haven’t been taught in a way that feels good and easy to you. It feels hard and uphill. SO much feels like it needs to be done before you can really get rolling.

You’re telling yourself you have to look professional and polished first. I get it, there is so much noise out there telling you that you should have a great website, with phenomenal SEO, your branding should be on point, your copy should be influential, and you should have the client avatar figured out… but that’s some bullshit, homie.

Let me clear this all up:

Gaining clientele and customers has absolutely nothing to do with how pretty your website is, how cool your logo is, or what color your business card is.

None of that matters unless you have customers paying you. Canva fonts and brochures and perfected sales pages won’t do anything for you unless you know how to get people’s eyes on those assets. Looking ‘professional’ is really overrated when you’re sitting in a room by yourself.


The answer to your six-figure prayers lies within the customer-facing work and client acquisition.

Before you do anything else, you have to do two things:

  1. Getting yourself in front of people
  2. Know what the hell to do once you’re in front of them.

Finding the right coach or mentor will help you accomplish both faster. 

This is not your grandpa’s sales course. 

We aren’t randomly Dm’ing strangers with sleazy pitches.

There are no mantras.

We aren’t sitting on our crystals and hoping the Universe sends us a manifested client. (Okay maybe we are doing a little bit of that.)

This course is about taking action.

Three More is going to equip you to build your business in a way that feels good AF to you through consistent efforts, strong service-based relationships with your clients, and finding that sleeping lion that lives inside you that knows you’re made for more. Let it roar, baby.

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We celebrate your success stories and gain clientele every day.

We are obsessed with the two things that matter: Getting ourselves in front of clients, and knowing exactly what to do once we are in front of them. 

Do not waste your time with ANYTHING other than these.


When you get really good at selling in a way that feels like YOU, you will help more people.

You will make more money.

You will become an asset to your community.

You will add value to the world. 

You will become that little dream that floats around in the back of your know the one where you’re living your best life, selling confidently, leading the way in your industry, creating a ripple effect for your family and children. Drinking champagne with your best friend in Italy. Yeah, all that’s in you. All you have to do is give it permission to come out.


My signature process that has worked for hundreds of entrepreneurs is completely risk free. You either gain the clients or we give your money back.
fool-proof process of step-by-step instructions guaranteed to get more eyeballs on your business TODAY
The luxury of time….we know you’re going to want to refer back to this over and over again. That is why your purchase is Lifetime Access.
Instant Access to our video vault sales course as well as all past coaching calls so you can binge this shit like you did The Office back in 2017.
Instant access to our private Facebook Community of other invested entrepreneurs so you can celebrate with your homies and have 24/7 support with your squad.
Weekly business coaching calls for direct support so that you never feel alone or confused in this program. You will always be able to get your questions answered and get your mind coached.

Meet Becca Pike

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nnownLess than a decade ago I was stealing toilet paper from my work to make it through until payday. I once lived in my car for two weeks because I couldn’t afford rent. Some might call this homeless. I like to call it urban camping. 

At the age of 24, I hit what I would call rock bottom. Frustration, poverty, and self-pity finally took a toll on me and I was DONE with the victim bullshit.

At age 25, I went to massage therapy school. I got myself off the ground. I started a massage therapy practice and got a taste of what it felt like to make some money.


I was sports massaging people out of the back of an old CrossFit gym with no air conditioning, 9 months pregnant. But, with the circumstances stacked against me, I had one thing going for me: I was so fucking driven.

I was insatiable and fierce and determined to get out of the broke-ass life I had been living.

By the time I was 30, just 5 years later, I had a million-dollar massage business – 40 employees, 2 brand new locations. That same year, I launched my online company, Hell Yes Coaching, which has pulled in millions now.

When you listen to my podcast and you hear my fierceness and my passion, or what my clients call “No Bullshit Becca,” it is because I know more than anyone that excuses won’t get you anywhere. What takes you places is hard work, grit, overriding that little piece of your brain that is telling you to stay safe, and going after what you want with a winning attitude. 

However, I ALSO know it’s scary as shit. It can feel like it’s never going to work. 

That’s why you get two sides of me. You get the ass-kicking side that won’t let you tell yourself you can’t, and you get the nurturing side that remembers exactly what it feels like to be in massive growth. 

When you’re feeling frustrated with business, the answer to all your problems is a mentor that gets you. A mentor that has thought of everything and been through it all so that you don’t have to.

And that my friends, is exactly what I have done inside of Three More. I have thought of everything so you don’t have to. I break it down for you and make it easy and actionable. I have done all the leg work. All you gotta do now is show up and take massive action.


Loison C.

“I didn’t know what I was getting into, but I would buy this again and again and again.” 

Joseph F.

“John is always dealing out the truth in love and chipping away at my lame excuses each and every week.”

Tyler D.

“I cannot tell you enough that you need to be a part of this program if you are ready to level up your business and do amazing things.”

Bethany S.

“I didn’t get three more clients….I got ten more.”

Brittany M.

“If you have a business or are thinking of starting a business, you have no reason not to be in Three More.”

Rebecca B.

“John has guided me through several breakthroughs during our Three More coaching calls. He knows the exact moment to push and when to cheer. It’s obvious he’s here to help us win.”

Christine P.

“John is an amazing coach and pushes us to believe the best in ourselves and our businesses. He is always encouraging.”

Jon F.

“This is far more in-depth than I expected.”

Successful people make decisions quickly.

This principle is talked about in every book and author from Atomic Habits by James Clear to Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, and Brene Brown.

Decisions can only be made quickly when the person making the decision knows how to trust themselves.

And trusting yourself doesn’t come overnight. It comes from years of falling down and getting back up.

It’s not that successful people trust that they won’t fall. It’s that they trust that they will get back up when they do.

I have fallen enough for me and for you both in this lifetime.

And I have gotten up one more time than I have fallen. And you have to.

So entrepreneur to entrepreneur, I am asking you this:

How willing are you to decide?

How willing are you to trust YOU? 

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Enroll Now

Enroll in Three More today and get started on your path to business development.

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Get Coached

Learn how to implement effective organic marketing from experienced entrepreneurs and million-dollar business owners. Then, revisit course materials and study our proven framework to begin selling confidently.

Crush Your Goals

Step 3


This is your mountaintop moment! Reap the benefits of your investment and know you are equipped to move on to the next challenge with a “Hell Yes” attitude.  


Find out:

Can you commit to all-in, intensive training?


Are you willing to reimagine the way you think about sales?


Will you commit yourself to a community of entrepreneurs, share your experience, and learn from others?


Will you challenge yourself with the homework and get out of your comfort zone?


Do you have a heart that puts your clients first?


Are you ready to become a master at selling?

 Check yes for Hell Yes?

Then it’s go time.


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