Draw in consults and close them in this 8-week course designed to give you at least 3 new clients.


Sell your Product

Stand Out Hell Yes Coachiing

Close your Consults

Business Growth Coaching Leadership Hell Yes Coaching

Scale your Business

You Can Be a Great Business Owner

and Struggle with Sales

But unfortunately, you need sales to reach clients.

We can help.

Introducing Three More:

Drastically Change the Way You View Selling

Watch our brief program overview

Selling your value can be hard…

especially if you’ve never been properly trained.

I used to struggle to land clients until I went all-in on investing in myself and my coaching company. I have spent TENS OF thousands of dollars and hours studying, pushing way the hell past my comfort zone, and received intense coaching. Through those investments, I watched Hell Yes Coaching grow from $0 to $60,000 in monthly revenue – all while maintaining a consistent and sustainable method of client acquisition. And NEVER stepped over the line with pushy, aggressive, or gross sales tactics.

Running a successful business is a blast and it’s actually more simple than you may think. I want you to experience this, but- you have got to learn to sell.

I’ve done the hard work – and now I’m sharing all my keys to success with a select group of invested business owners. This course is designed for individuals ready to go all-in on their career. Are you ready?

– Becca Pike, Hell Yes Coaching Founder

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What you Can Expect

Access to Weekly Training, Live Coaching, and Live Group Discussion via Zoom
(Group Meet Tuesdays at 1:30 pm EST for 60 minutes) 


Perform efficient consults with minute by minute consult breakdown


Inspire people to buy from you


Educate yourself with weekly half-hour videos to watch at your own pace


Reap the benefits of quick, challenging homework tasks that will take you out of your comfort zone and level up your sales skills


Master the art of clean selling through value and authority


Know how to coach every objection


Engage with other entrepreneurs in zoom classroom discussions as you master your sales skills


Discover the mentality required to drastically grow your clientele


Gain (at least) 3 More clients

Our Promise to You

No Sleezy Sales Tactics
We teach organic marketing. No manipulation. No pushing. Just clean selling through value and authority. This will be bread and butter organic growth-focused content and dialogue that will work.
Real Guidance
Far too many programs create their material and leave it up to you to figure out how to implement it. We walk with you through weekly live coaching sessions designed to keep you on track. Each lesson is accompanied by follow-up work and assignments designed to build your confidence and skills.

Supportive Community

Investing in yourself can be scary, but you aren’t going down this road alone. In addition to our coaches, you’ll be surrounded with like-minded, higher-thinking individuals with the same goals that will be there with you through the journey.

Three More is Revolutionizing Businesses

Here is What Our Participants Have to Say:

Katie M.

“My brain is going to explode with all this new information. I am going to make SO MUCH MONEY.”

Tyler D.

“I cannot tell you enough that you need to be a part of this program if you are ready to level up your business and do amazing things.” – Tyler D. 

Bethany S.

“I didn’t get three more clients….I got ten more.”

Brittany M.

“If you have a business or are thinking of starting a business, you have no reason not to be in Three More.”

Jon F.

“This is far more in-depth than I expected.”

Wondering if You’re a Good Fit?

Find out:

Can you commit to all-in, intensive training?


Are you willing to reimagine the way you think about sales?


Will you commit yourself to a community of coaches, share your experience, and learn from others?


Do you have a heart that puts your clients first?


Are you ready to go all in and become a master at selling?

 Check yes for Hell Yes?

Then it’s go time.

  • How to Gain Three More Clients This Quarter

    Check out these three tips for improving your sales skills and closing consults

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