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The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Becca Pike | VIP Day: The Power of Full Submersion with Roxanne BoisA few weeks ago, someone asked me, “Becca, if you were to do a VIP day where someone could spend the whole day with you and pick your brain all day long, what would you price that?” I had never even considered doing something like this, but I thought it sounded fun so I put it out there. $20K to spend the day with me, and within six hours, it was bought.

Someone who bought that VIP day with me was Roxanne Bois. Roxanne is an eco-friendly speech-language pathologist who, since our day together, has transitioned from full-time employment to full-time private practice. She bet on herself so hard and fast, and the level of confidence she had to buy an offer that big that quickly blew me away, and I knew I had to share her story with you.

Join us this week as I quiz Roxanne on the mindset that allowed her to make such a fast decision to invest in her growth as an entrepreneur. She’s sharing why the price was irrelevant to her, how she decided she was going to get what she came for, and the shift in her belief in her potential since.  

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The thoughts Roxanne had about her business in order to invest in a VIP day with me.
  • Why the price of the VIP day with me was irrelevant to Roxanne. 
  • Roxanne’s take on starting a business, even when your family is unsure or unsupportive. 
  • How Roxanne felt about our VIP day together. 
  • The changes in Roxanne’s thinking about her business potential. 

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Full Episode Transcript:

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What’s up friends? Today I’m sitting down and I’m talking to Roxanne Bois. Roxanne is the student who purchased my VIP Day two months ago. So I threw out an offer to fly to Kentucky, spend all day with me, breakfast, lunch and dinner and cocktails and just talk business. So we immersed ourselves into each other, we chatted all day, we hung out all day, we got to know each other on a deep level that, it has never happened this way for me with anyone I’ve ever met.

Like to submerge yourself into so much conversation in one sitting. Like we got to know each other so well and we went so deep into her business, what was holding her back. We went into life things, she became an instant friend of mine and then after one day she flew back to Canada where she lives, back with her family.

And I wanted to talk to her today because not only was I impressed with the courage that it took for her to buy such a big offer and such a quick offer, she bought it in six hours after I presented it, but really what I thought was insane was how much confidence she had in her business to buy an offer that quickly. And I love fast decision makers, this is the way I operate. Whenever a mentor that I know or like or trust presents an offer of some sort, I am always somebody that buys it very quickly. Like I just know that I want it. I trust myself and I trust my business enough that it’s going to work

I’m not the person that’s like “I don’t know if its gonna work,” like to me that puts so much authority and responsibility on the offer. You know what I’m saying? To me the responsibility is on myself. So whatever is presented to me, I just wanna grab it up and learn it and figure it out and know exactly what to do and I’m gonna do it. And I love that Roxanne felt the same way. She had so much trust in herself and her business that she was like whenever this day comes, I’m gonna go get what I came for. I’m gonna decide beforehand what I need and I’m gonna go get it and that to me is some cool ass shit.

I have no worries about Roxanne as a business owner, she’s just starting out, she’s just going to full time in her company. She’s gonna fucking kill it. She’s a cool chick. We had a lot to talk about, we talk a lot about our VIP Day but we also just talk about leaving jobs, going into business, all the good stuff

So this is today’s episode of The Hell Yes Entrepreneur. I am your host Becca Pike. Let’s get to it lets go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hello Roxanne. How are you?

Roxanne: I am so good.

Becca: I have an important topic with you to cover, and I’m glad that you’re here. So will you take just a quick second and introduce yourself?

Roxanne: Absolutely. My name is Roxanne Bois. I go by she/her pronouns. I am a speech language pathologist in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I am literally in the midst of transitioning from full time employment to full time private practice. I pretty much work with everyone. So I work with one year old babies up to centennials. Yeah, that’s about it.

Becca: Yes, I love it. I love it. One of the reasons that you are on this podcast. I want to talk to you a little bit about transitioning from full time employee to full time entrepreneur. I want to get into that as well. But one of the main reasons that I wanted to bring you on this podcast is because I coach a lot of entrepreneurs, and it’s very easy to make up beliefs about pricing. Okay.

So a lot of entrepreneurs will say I want to charge X amount. I want to charge what feels like I’m worth. I want to charge X, Y, and Z, but my audience would never pay for that. Or they make up stories about what they want to do, but why they can’t do it. I was presented with a situation a few weeks ago where someone asked me Becca if you were to do a VIP day. Like if someone were to be able to come to you and spend the whole day with you, and pick your brain and ask you questions and get coaching all day long and hang out with you all day long, what would you price that?

I had never thought about this before. I had never even considered it. It wasn’t an option in my offers. I thought to myself that sounds so fun. That sounds awesome. But it would definitely require at least $20,000 to spend a whole day with me and to pick my brain. I threw it out there. Within six hours, it was bought. You paid $20,000 to fly to Kentucky, hang out with me, get business coached by me, and we had the best time, right?

Roxanne: Absolutely.

Becca: One of my favorite things about being a business coach is showing people what is possible. Showing people that you can go from a broke as hell waitress just a few years ago to people paying $20,000 to come and pick your brain for the day. Right? I love that. I believe that you got a million dollar’s worth of value that day, but let’s go back to before you even came. When you were getting ready to purchase that VIP day, what were the thoughts that were going through your mind? Like, why did you purchase that VIP day?

Roxanne: I’m gonna say that I didn’t make the decision. The decision, like just everything fell into place. I’m a bit of a believer in everything happens for a reason. I feel like I know you because you’ve been in my ear holes like for the past eight months teaching me how to build a business. I feel like I’ve been getting to know you as not only a business woman and like a boss, but also as a person.

So all of a sudden this opportunity comes like spend a day with Becca and be with Becca and just absorb all of her wisdom. So as soon as you posted it, I was like okay, that’s mine. Yeah, and I didn’t even ask you how much it cost. That’s how much it was irrelevant to me.

Becca: Which is so funny. Because after you had agreed to say yes, I was like no, I need you to at least know the price like before you say yes. But what’s interesting is like I feel like people could look in on this and be like wow, it would take a lot of courage to spend $20,000. To be completely frank, I just want to give the audience an understanding. You don’t just have hundreds of thousands of dollars laying around. Like we’re not talking to someone that has inherited millions of dollars and can throw away $20,000 and not think about it. Right?

So a lot of people would say it takes a lot of courage for someone to spend that. But to me, what’s the most interesting is yes, it did take courage. But also it took a trust and a very specific line of beliefs about your future business for you to pull this trigger. Someone who is willy-nilly about their business would not spend $20,000 going in and absorbing as much information as they could in a quick one day. Right?

So like, what did you have to actually believe about your business? Like what were the thoughts that were going through your head about your future business in order for you to make such a big investment in it?

Roxanne: Mm-hmm. That’s a great question. I think that my business is going to be successful either way because I’ve been doing it part time and casually for five years on the side. I’m just at a point in my life where I have to decide, right? So do I keep burning the candle at both ends and do a full time during the week and private practice on weekends? Or do I jump all in and just like be scared?

So I knew that if I jumped into this opportunity, and I put all my energy into it, that I felt like I would really fast track a lot in my business. To scale and just gain the tools that I need and the confidence that I need, I guess, to just go the extra mile and make sure not only that my family is well taken care of, but also that I can pursue further dreams because I really just am such an idealist. I have so many visions and dreams.

Becca: Yes, absolutely. You know one of the things like, and I told you this when you were here. I’m not worried about you and your business. Like I’m really not. I knew when I was putting this together, whenever I threw it out, hey, I didn’t know it was gonna go so fast. I didn’t know it was going to sell in six hours. Like that was so fun on my end. Also I know fun on your end. The energy was really high.

But I thought to myself whoever purchases this isn’t going to have a problem in business because they’re willing to bet on themselves at such a high level. They’re willing to take risks at such a high level. They’re gonna go and they’re going to absorb as much business as they can from a very quality business coach, right.

But like another thing too that even added on that I didn’t know about until you got here was a lot of people come to me and they say I can’t do my business because. Then they give lists of circumstances or thoughts or stories that they’re telling themselves. Sometimes it is my family thinks that I’m being silly. My family thinks that I’m being frivolous. My family thinks that I’m being X, Y, and Z.

When you got here, you told me that you didn’t have like the strongest blessing from your family to come and learn from me. They thought you might be getting catfished. They thought that even if you weren’t getting catfished like what were you even thinking spending $20,000? So you were butting up against people that didn’t necessarily love the idea of what you were doing?

What would you say to someone who is starting a business, wants to invest in it, but their family, they’re not entrepreneurs. They’re not business growth minded. They’re not exceptionally excited for investing. They’re telling them that hey this might not be the best thing you can do is invest in your business.

Roxanne: Oh my god. I have so many things to say on that. Like, I could talk on this for hours. But I will say oh my gosh, my high school teacher, my favorite teacher. Like my mentor, Mrs. Vizubik, always said, “Hang out with turkeys, and you’ll never learn to fly.” Which is like something that stuck with me, right.

So if you’re surrounded by entrepreneurs, you have this mindset of entrepreneurs that are like goal oriented and completely understand what has to go behind the scenes to get there. I didn’t communicate my knowledge well to my surroundings. So I’ve spent like hours and hours and hours of time podcasting on my trips to like Manitoulin and Elliott Lake, and I’ve gained all this knowledge. I didn’t share any of that with my surroundings. I think that had I dropped in a little bit of what I was learning, the support would have came along with it.

But I mean, I’m very confident in what I know. I’m very confident in what I’m able to do. I knew that I could do it. It was just really taking a chance. The convincing for me came after, but I realized kind of retrospectively that I could have helped them understand my mindset before I made big decisions about it.

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. This is the same thing that I told you, but it’s also what I tell everyone is like listen, like your mom and your dad and your sister and the people that aren’t business growth mindset like you are, their job, or what they believe their job is, is to protect you. Right? So they’re not doing anything wrong by believing that they are protecting you from this cult that you’re trying to give your money to. That’s okay. They aren’t supposed to. They aren’t supposed to know. Like, that’s not their job.

That’s why it’s so important to not take business advice just from like your sister and your brother and your mom and your dad. Like, this is why it’s so important to be a part of masterminds and to be a part of a bigger thing, a bigger picture and like more entrepreneurs that are hungry for growth. Because that’s where you’re gonna get the real advice. That’s where they’re not going to tell you hey, you need to play it super safe. You need to stay small. You need to like save all of your money and don’t spend it on learning new things, right?

Roxanne: I can’t agree with that more. Like hit the nail on the head. It’s so true. My poor mom absolutely thought that I was getting abducted. She watches a lot of murder television, and she was really quite convinced. Becca can attest to it. I had to like video call her during the day to make sure that my mom knew that I was with someone safe.

I guess another piece of advice that I would give is like don’t go in blind. Definitely make sure that you feel safe in your circumstance if you’re going big, and that you’ve done your research. But yeah, I was very confident in knowing that you’re a very public person. If you were trying to abduct me, you wouldn’t have posted it everywhere. Right?

Becca: Exactly. I said listen, if I’m trying to kill you, I am a really dumb killer. Because there’s at least 850 people that know that you’re with me right now.

Roxanne: Exactly. I want to loop back before I forget to something that you said, just how important it is to bet on yourself. You like struck a chord in my heart because I’m an avid like basketball fan. Fred VanVleet from the Raptors always says bet on yourself, and that sticks with me. It’s kind of like one of my mottos. So I really appreciate that you said that.

Becca: Oh, that’s awesome. Okay, so you came to VIP day. It was glorious. We talked so much business. First thing we did was we went and we ate bacon and coffee. So I already knew I liked you. But then I started getting a vibe for you, and I could tell that you were you were one of me. Right?

So the next thing we did was I took you to show you my favorite tree. We went on a hike. We went to lunch, and we had cocktails at lunch. Then we went and got massages at Massage Strong, and we went to dinner. All throughout this entire time we’re business coaching, and you had your journal.

What was so luxurious about this was that we had time on our hands. You know when I’m doing one on one coaching calls, it’s like okay. We’ve got 60 minutes. Go. But like with this, it was like we had all day to process. Then you were able to ask questions about a topic that you’ve been processing for three hours, right? Like your brain processed it, and then you were like okay actually, let me go a little deeper on this. So we had time on our hands. It allowed us to go so much deeper. Right?

So we did all of the VIP things. We drank all the drinks. We ate all the food. We talked all the shop. At the end, how did you feel? Like was it worth it to you? Like what happened in your mind when you went to bed that night?

Roxanne: Oh, I got asked this question from my surrounding who doesn’t quite understand the importance of investing in your business was like was it worth it? I would say 100% it was worth it. I feel like I gained years’ worth of insight and confidence and empowerment. I feel like I’m not going to make certain mistakes that I probably would have made. I feel like the investment was really in the time and the energy that I’m going to gain.

So like, essentially, I feel like I purchased my time back. Like I’m gonna be able to scale my business faster and help people faster. Like I’ve done seven years of university, and I got a degree out of it. I have some knowledge, but I feel like I gained so much out of this day like I can really compare the two. It’s just like a lifetime of everything I just said in one day, and took away some of the hesitancies that I had just the mind. It’s such a beautiful thing. I feel like you really empowered mine.

Becca: Oh, thank you. Yeah, I agree. We made some really big decisions that day. I mean some massive life changing decisions were made on the spot that day. Speaking of one, you have quit your full time employment. You are now a full time entrepreneur. How are you feeling?

Roxanne: I’m feeling amazing. I went to see my chiropractor this morning. I just had a workout. I am just tidying up some paperwork for my employer before I really jump in. I’m just feeling all the positive vibes and all the good energy and all the good feedback. I’m like moving forward. I’m so excited about having all the time to focus my energies on like what is going to work and what’s going to help everyone.

Becca: Hey, most people that go full time employment don’t get to be on a podcast that tens of thousands of people will listen to where they can find you and exactly what you’re doing, and they can reach out to you and learn more about your business.

Roxanne: I am so, so fortunate and humbled. I feel so lucky. Just feeling amazing.

Becca: Was it luck though? Or was it that you had the courage and the beliefs to put yourself in a situation? Like obviously coming onto the podcast wasn’t like something that was presented to you, we didn’t even decide it until, I don’t know, the very end of our VIP day. We were like we should turn on mics and talk about this, you know?

But like, this is what I’m talking about when I tell people like put yourself in positions that are going to help you. Right? Like, if you had decided never to do the VIP day, would you even be full time entrepreneur? Would you be on this podcast?

Is there a chance you’re gonna get 10 to 20 new clients just from being on this podcast? Because someone’s gonna be listening. They’re gonna be like oh, my three year old has a swallowing disorder, or my six year old has a stutter. Or my grandfather is having trouble swallowing or speaking or speech problems, or whatever it is. There’s going to be so many people that are listening to this. Because you bet on yourself on that day and you bought the VIP day, you have put yourself in a position. It’s not luck.

I do believe in luck. I believe things happen by chance in our favor. But I also believe that the people that put themselves into the positions that are the most successful end up being the most successful people.

Roxanne: Oh, yeah, I definitely agree. I’m a stickler for words, and I think that luck was probably a poor choice of words there. I definitely did put myself out there, and I did something very, very scary. Like to put this into perspective like I essentially spent the amount of money that I made in an entire year of private practice on the side. So it was like one for one investment full year for one day.

That’s definitely very risky. But something that comforted me during the day that I saw you was that I could claim it as a business expense. So that’s super exciting. It does feel like a business expense. So that’s really great.

Becca: But also like if you made $20,000 as a side hustle last year. You paid $20,000 to come learn from me. How much are you going to make in this business in the next 12 months?

Roxanne: I can’t wait to tell you.

Becca: How much do you think? How much do you believe?

Roxanne: I think that you coached me on this that day. This was like eye opening for me. Historically, I have really just wanted to stay. This sounds silly now that I’m saying. I’ve wanted to stay under $30,000 so that I didn’t have to get a GST number and pay taxes on my income because I was just doing it on the side. You really coached me on how small I was thinking financially, and how the bigger I think, the more I’ll attract.

Not that I’m trying to get rich. You know everybody wants a little bit extra money at the end of the day. But I just want my family to be so comfortable, not spoiled but comfortable. I really have a future goal of like a nature resort where I can heal more people. So in making more money faster and thinking bigger financially, I feel like I can get to that goal faster. I’m just so fueled by it. I’m like so excited.

Becca: Yeah, of course. We were doing blueprints and estimations that were figuring out how many clients it would take to make $120,000 in your first year. I think it was like, I can’t remember what it came out to you. But it was like $118/119,000, something like that. The amount of customers that you needed was completely doable. The blueprint that we created was completely doable, right.

I remember it being very eye opening to you like oh. Of course, I’ll pay my taxes and get above $30,000 if I’m looking at $120,000. Right? I just don’t know that that would have been there for you had you not put yourself in a position to really get coached on a deeper level. So really, like, it’s just such a testament to you and the beliefs that you had way before the VIP day.

Roxanne: Yeah, I think I was thinking like I just want to keep my family fed and sheltered. That’s like my goal, right? But now I’m thinking okay well, I would love to make $100,000 within less than my first year. I would love to make—If I can make $100,000 then I can definitely make $200,000. I want to—

At the beginning when I opened my business, I didn’t want any employees at all because I thought it was too complicated. Now I’m at the point where it’s like absolutely. I want at least two employees at the very least in my first couple of years. I feel like I can just generate so much more. I can help so many more people. and I can fill in so many gaps within the healthcare system. I’m really looking forward to that.

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. Anytime we are thinking about the amount of money we make, when we equate it to how many people we’re actually reaching and helping and like changing the life of, it’s like for some reason that’s the shift for some people.

Like to me, business is a game. Money is the scoreboard. Your retention rates, your statistics, your revenue, your profit, the amount of people that you’re helping, the amount of people that you’re retaining. Like all of that is just numbers, and it’s all a scoreboard. So I talk about revenue a lot, but it’s just a piece of the scoreboard. Like, it’s also how many people are you helping, right?

When we stay small, we’re capable of helping, I don’t know, 10, 11,12 people in a year. But like when we start thinking bigger and we start thinking, how can I help 200 people this year? How can I not spread myself too thin, but make a scalable offer that allows me to reach 1,000 people? Like what does that look like? Right. Of course, with that type of thinking, that type of huge thinking, that’s where we start making all of the money. That’s where we start bringing it in. That’s where we start getting enough money to create even bigger businesses and even bigger passion projects, right.

So, again, like we could talk about all this stuff all day, but one of the main reasons I wanted to have you on here was just to highlight how beautiful it was to watch someone just bet on themselves so hard. I know that there are so many people. I mean, I have people that contact me every day all the time. They’re like I want to come into 30 More, but I’m afraid of spending the $12,000. Or I want to come in 30 More, but…Then of course, there’s the people that are just like take my money right now.

But you had an air about you that was just so confident. Not lacking of fear because there was fear there. You were very upfront about that. Like I am so scared. Like, I am so scared to go all in, but I am, and I will. I don’t see any other option because I feel like I’m being told that I need to do this, and I’m going to follow that. That is just so fucking cool.

Roxanne: Thanks. I really should probably add that I love like my full time employment. Like it’s been such an important part in my journey, and I’m super sad to leave them. But I like suffer from such bad back pain right now. I know that my body is just holding on to so much stress that it feels like it’s time. It’s just time that I work less. In the meantime, I just want to help more people.

I mean this has been my goal since I had my son like 14 years ago. Like I have a special needs son. Since he was born, I was kind of trying to curate my future where I would work kind of in the same field. I was a teacher at the time, and work a little bit less so that I can take care of him better and make more money. So yeah, I feel like I’m finally there 14 years later, and I’m just ready to jump in. I thank you for all the empowerment that you’ve given me.

Becca: Yeah, I love it. I can’t wait to see what happens. I can’t wait to watch you. I can’t wait to see the day that you’ve got 6, 7, 8 employees. You’re changing the world. You’re not overworked, and people are paying $20,000 to come get their stutter corrected and get their swallowing certification that you will have created by then. It’s going to be a really fun journey to watch.

So thank you so much for being on the podcast. Can you please tell my audience if anyone is looking for a—If they’re looking for help when it comes to speech, whether it’s theirs, whether it’s their child’s, whether it’s their parents, speech, swallowing, all of that. Where can they find you?

Roxanne: I guess I should specify. I’m not sure if I said it yet, but I work mostly with so children who have language delays, really young children, and I work with kids who have like speech difficulties, which can look like so many different things. But people I’m seeing most often would be like a child who had like a lift or somebody who has a funny all and the all is just sounding like this all the time. Speech things like that. Or stuttering is a big one.

But I also, and I would say probably my very favorite population to work with, would be voice. Like teachers or people who have like gastro esophageal reflux who get heartburn all the time and who end up with all these voice issues like hoarseness and tons of phlegm and pain. So I’ve worked a lot with that, and I really love it.

Then, like you mentioned, the swallowing for aging adults who are choking when eating and just having difficulties with stuff like that. I just love everything across the board, but you can find me at rboisspeechlanguageservicesdorthophonie.com. So it’s a hard one to say. It’ll be in the notes.

Becca: We’ll link it up to the show notes, and we can also link up your Instagram and Facebook as well.

Roxanne: Yeah, yeah. So they’re all pretty similar. My Facebook is R Bois Speech and Language Services d’orthophonie because I’m French, and I think my Instagram is just Roxanne Bois if I’m not mistaken.

Becca: Yeah. So Bois is spelled B-O-I-S.

Roxanne: Which is the French word for wood.

Becca: All right, Mama, thank you so much for being on today. I can’t wait to catch up with you soon.

Roxanne: Oh, thank you so much. I just, I don’t have enough good things to say about you and everything that you’ve done for me. So thank you so much. It was nice seeing you again.

Becca: Aw, so nice to see you too.

Roxanne: Bye.

Becca: Bye.

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share.

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit hellyescoachingonline.com. See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.

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