The Hell Yes Entrepreneur with Becca Pike | How to Walk Into a RoomIn every area of my life, I carry an energy of expecting VIP treatment. When I walk into a room like I’m important, people treat me that way. If you come into a room with your shoulders slumped, looking around for potential threats, trying to see where you fit in, you get treated like a sheep in the herd. But when you elevate your chest and exude a calm and collected air, you get treated like the lion.

I often get picked out to skip lines, even at the airport. I get amazing opportunities, seemingly out of nowhere. So, how do you create this aura for yourself? Well, it’s not just about how you hold yourself around other people. How you carry yourself when you’re alone is what determines how you show up out in the world.

You get to choose how your day goes, so tune in this week to discover how the difference between showing up as the lion versus just being a sheep in the herd. I’m sharing how to start embodying that VIP energy that gets you treated with respect everywhere you go, using that energy to attract everything you want for yourself and your business.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How people treat you with more respect when you show up as the lion instead of part of the herd.
  • Why this work isn’t about just turning on the confidence when you leave the house.
  • The way people view you when you show up with I-don’t-know energy.
  • Why being sure of yourself always turns heads as you move through the world.
  • How to see the places you’re complaining, making excuses, and acting like a victim.
  • My personal physical and mental ritual for building confidence.
  • How you can start carrying an aura that means everyone you come across will treat you with respect, and why this will change everything in your life and business.

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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hello, hello. Welcome to episode number 79. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Guys, please excuse my hoarse ass voice today. I just got back from a Tony Robbins event. If you’ve ever been to one, you know that no one comes back with a voice. It is the most screaming. It’s like 10 concerts in a day with music and yelling and screaming, screaming your limiting beliefs, screaming your new powerful beliefs. All of that for five days in a row.

Guys, I love Tony Robbins. I love going to his events. Just so you know, insider information, he’s not going to be doing these events for a lot, lot longer. So if you have the ability to go to one of his events, it is absolutely life changing. It is so fun. It is a great little vitamin you can take to just remember who the fuck you are to be honest. I go to probably two events a year. I’ve been through I think six events total. My husband’s been through probably double that. Every single time it’s like I’m taking a vitamin of just remembering who the fuck I am. That is a girl with a really horsey voice.

So I apologize. I hope that you guys can continue to listen to this conversation because I think it’s a very important one even though I sound the way that I sound. I remember my very first Tony Robbins event. I was pregnant, very, very pregnant. I think I was about 30 something weeks pregnant. If you know anything about the Tony events, he has one called Unleash the Power Within. That is his least expensive one. So it has the most amount of people there. I’ve been to that one a few times. I’ve been to Business Mastery. I’ve been to Date with Destiny.

The first event I went to was Unleash the Power Within. I was super pregnant. This is the event that you walk 20 feet on fire barefoot, okay. It was the most empowering thing ever. I’ve done it now like three times. I have never gotten hurt doing it. I will tell you it is really terrifying until you do it. Then you feel amazing. Now I go in there like a veteran. I’m like yeah, just take my socks off. Let’s walk this fire. I’m fucking ready. Let’s go. So I love that. Love it, love it, love it.

But this trip was just me and my husband. We flew down to West Palm Beach, Florida, and we had the most amazing time. Like by the way, we totally hit the Tony Robbins jackpot. Let me tell you what I mean by that. So first and foremost, there are some hardships of going to Tony events.

Because he is such a massive figure, because he draws in so many people, there has to be really intense security. I mean, I’m talking hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of security officers. They are at the bathroom doors. They are standing at the edge of like almost every row because just I mean there’s like 10,000 people in one room. So the security is really intense.

Also because there’s so many people like on registration day, the lines are hours long, literal, literal hours. Like in order to register, you are standing in a line that is no exaggeration three to four hours long. It’s just like thousands of people.

Another one of the issues is—There’s a reason I’m telling you these issues because I’m not just like dogging this event. But there’s just the logistical issues that have to be solved when you have that many people in one place. It can be really hard to find a seat. The seats are super squished together. You are literally asses to elbows. You have very little room in front of your knees to the next row of seats. You have to get there super early. So you got to get there every single day like probably more like three hours early to find a seat where you can sit with your significant other, and you’re not just like searching for separate seating. So that’s a big part of it.

On top of that, if you want to go to the bathroom, you have to literally see into the future. You’re like am I going to need to pee in 45 minutes? If so I need to go stand in the bathroom line now because it is the longest bathroom line of all time.

My husband and I hit the absolute jackpot because my husband’s brother started working for the Tony Robbins security team many, many years ago, and he has up leveled and moved his way up the security ladder to where now he is one of the very top, top, top dogs. He’s in charge of Tony’s security. He’s in charge of Tony’s wife Sage. Je has begun hooking us the hell up you guys.

When I say that I am thankful for this man, I cannot even describe how thankful I actually am. Okay? So when we got there, he gave us these—Everybody has a badge on. Depending on what color the lanyard is on the badge says whether or not you’re in general admission or you’re a VIP or you’re in the diamond crew or whatever. These lanyards give you access to different places to sit, and that’s about it. Okay.

So when we got there, he gave us one of the good lanyards. I thought that’s amazing. Like we get to sit closer to the stage. Right? I was already super thankful. But then he was like I put this big silver star on your badge, and you need to show this to people anytime you need anything. I was like okay. I didn’t know what this was. I thought that it was like all the VIP people had the silver star.

So it turns out that out of the 10,000 people, we were the only ones that had the silver star, okay. He marked off these amazing seats for us where we were in the front row of the VIP section. We didn’t have any squished knees. We had all this room to ourselves. We did not have to show up early because the seats were marked off. They said saved for security, do not sit here. These were our seats every single day.

So guys, just that alone is fucking insane because we didn’t have to get there early. We could show up whenever we wanted. We had these huge seats where we could jump around, and we weren’t squished. We weren’t stepping on people. It was just the most amazing thing.

We ended up learning that these badges also allowed us to walk straight through all security, which saved hours of our life. We got to skip all the lines. Right? It gave us access to private bathrooms. To say that at a Tony event is like saying that we were treated like absolute royalty.

We would sneak away. There would be bathrooms where I would look and there would be 70 women waiting to go to a bathroom that has five stalls. I would just take a quick right and go into this private bathroom and people would see it happen. They’d be like wait, why is she going to that bathroom? Like what’s she doing? They would be like she has access. She has total access. The security guards would be like calming people down. People were like pissed. I loved it. I loved it. It was amazing.

But I had access to private bathrooms. I could go to the bathroom anytime I wanted. I was allowed to bring in food and drinks. They had a very strict like no food or drink thing. So like people would go and buy these big ass Starbucks and then they weren’t able to get into the facility with them. They would have to either dump them out or like, after a few days people learned the rules, and they stopped trying. I would walk around with my big fucking venti like latte. People would always be like how did you get that in? How did you get that in here?

I had so much fun pretending why I was VIP. There were a few times I told people that I was Tony Robbins’ daughter. I told people that I was the mayor, and they had no idea who the mayor was to West Palm Beach. I just like wouldn’t make shit up every single time someone would ask me, and I just had a blast doing that.

What I loved the most was I mean, I’m just gonna be completely honest, it was just the feeling of having this VIP access, having this treatment. I mean it feels fucking good to have that treatment, right? Like when I would walk through a door, most people were going through these doors, and it was like the guards were like let me see your badge. Who are you? Kind of like treated like a herd of animals. Do you have the right badge? Can you go through this door? You need to turn around, and you need to go through that door right?

When I walked through any door, they were like big, huge smiles, opening the door, very curious. I could tell they were very curious. Like who is this person? Like studying my face. Like I just know that I’m supposed to let this woman go into anywhere that she wants because she has the star, right? Like they had a whole meeting about it apparently. A text was sent out to all security members. Like this is a star you’re looking for. These people get complete like VIP treatment.

But here’s why I’m telling you guys this. Not only was it a blast, and it was super fun, but in my life the energy that I carry with me, the aura that I carry with me is that I genuinely expect VIP treatment in everything that I do. I believe in energy, right? When I walk into a room like I’m important, people treat me that way. To be quite frank outside of Tony Robbins events, I mean that one got handed to me. Straight up got handed. I did nothing to deserve that treatment. It was just literal luck and love from my brother-in-law.

But I outside of Tony Robbins events, I actually practice this often. I get treated like it often. I think when we walk into a room with our shoulders slumped, and we’re looking around for threats the way that most people do. We like don’t know if we fit in, we get treated like the herd. When we elevate our chest, and we have a calm and collected air about us, we get treated like the lion.

It’s kind of a running joke that between my friends and my family that I randomly get myself into scenarios where I get this VIP treatment. Like it happened on the flight home from Tony’s event. I was coming home from Tony Robbins. I was standing in line at the TSA. There was about 150 people in front of me. It was that whole like zigzag line of the TSA. I was like eight rows back. It was 8:00 a.m., West Palm Beach. It’s like super busy. My husband and I were randomly plucked out and sent straight through security checkpoint in front of everyone, right?

Because I packed really light, and the woman the TSA woman was like you don’t have any baggage. Like where’s all your baggage? I was like I don’t have any. She was like yeah, you’re the people we love. Come follow me, I’m gonna get you straight through security.

Sidenote, I have started checking everything in the airport. Like I walk around. I don’t really do carry ons anymore. Like I just stroll around with my tiny little satchel that has my credit cards and my phone. My husband literally has nothing in his hands at the airports. Like he’s got his wallet in his back pocket, and he just has nothing.

Just side note, it is super nice to fly this way. It does require a bit of trust that your bags are gonna get to your destination. It requires like an acceptance that if they don’t, you will just figure it out, right. But they don’t lose the bags of VIP people. Because that’s my fucking energy, and I don’t expect my bags to get lost, and therefore they never do. That’s just the way it is. But next time you fly, you should give it a shot should give it a try. Like not having any luggage to carry around except for your coffee, right?

Guys, I am like hearing myself through my podcasting headphones. At how my voice sounds and how nasally it is and how broken my throat sounds. I just want to like apologize again, but I’m not gonna miss out on giving you guys this bomb ass episode just because my throat is being weird. So thank you for bearing with me. Okay, back to the story.

So I often get randomly chosen to like skip lines, or I get asked to be on really awesome podcasts, or I get these amazing opportunities kind of like “out of nowhere.” I just truly believe that people treat me with a higher level of respect than a lot of other people.

Here’s my theory. This is my theory on it, okay? So yes, we can walk into rooms and demand attention with the way that we’re holding ourselves. I think that that works in a lot of ways, and it’s really powerful. But also, when we are alone, and no one is around and no one is watching, the way we hold ourselves determines how we show up in our work and in our lives and in our body and in our health. Right? Like how we show up in our work and in our lives can either make us appear as the herd or the lion. It can make people want to accommodate us or not.

So being in that VIP energy while we’re working alone makes us work smarter and better and with more confidence. This is actually like what turns people’s heads, right? So like I could get on this podcast, and I could be not sure of what I’m saying. Is someone going to not like what I’m saying? Am I going to offend someone? Is this like even good content? But I don’t. I get on here, and I’m like I know what I want to say. I have the VIP energy about me. I’m going to deliver it, and it will land period. It’s going to land.

Could you imagine how attracted or unattracted you would be to my podcast based on the energy in which I do things right? When I was writing out the bullet points of what I wanted to talk about on this podcast today, I was in lioness energy, right? I wasn’t in the energy of just like I’m not sure, right? So the way that we show up and this VIP energy that we hold whenever no one is around like is so important to whether or not people are attracted to our work and want to accommodate us.

I want you guys to understand that I am a human, and I am like anyone okay. I can go from being completely indestructible to I don’t feel like I’m doing this right, and it’s not good enough. But in the last few years I’ve really stepped away from allowing myself anytime like with the whole not feeling good enough energy. Just keeping it so much at arm’s length. Like I just don’t entertain it as much I just don’t allow it in as much. I just choose to close the door on it, and I choose to stand in my confidence and in my energy.

I spend so much time in this VIP energy, but I don’t wait for someone to treat me like a VIP to feel that way. I decide to feel that way first. It makes people want to treat me that way. This is my theory. I even have a whole ritual that I do before I teach class or before I speak at an event or before I write a podcast or whatever I need to do that day because I am making the decision to put myself in state.

Because the energy behind the post that I’m about to write determines everything. It’s not the content. It’s the energy behind the post. It’s not the content of the podcast. It’s the energy behind the podcast. When I’m teaching someone, when I’m at my mastermind events, it’s not the content. It is always who I am, and the example that I’m setting as a female based business owner.

So, I have this little ritual that I do, and what I do is I do something physical. It’s usually going on a walk, but sometimes it’s not. I’ll do something physical, and I’ll listen to super empowering music, okay. I will stand in phenomenal posture. I will visualize myself doing really powerful shit and having an amazing gratitude for that. I do this often. I’m so primed to doing it that it comes super naturally to me.

By the way, the way that you guys stand is so important when you are doing things. The way that you are sitting at your desk is so important. The brain and body barrier, the way that it communicates. Being in a posture that feels almost like scared or timid will only allow scared and timid thoughts into your brain or much easier.

When you stand with your chest up, when you pull your shoulders back, when you hold your chin up a little bit, when you have that don’t fuck with me energy, the brain to body barrier is sending signals of confidence. It is so much easier to have confident thoughts. How many of you are listening to this and you’re just in a better posture already. You’re welcome. You’re welcome.

So I’ll do something physical. I’ll listen to my super empowering music, right? I’ll stand in phenomenal posture. I visualize myself doing really awesome things. So it doesn’t have to be work related. The one that I keep going back to, which sounds so silly now that I’m a grown adult. But when I was in high school, I used to play basketball. I loved basketball. I mean, it was my life. It was everything. My high school did a really cool job of making us feel really special. Like basketball was really big in my small town.

Before each game, they would call out the starters. They would have this like pump up music, and we would run through the tunnel. Then we would go, and we would stand in the middle of the court and wave at our friends and family. Then we would go get in position. It was a really big part of my life. When I look back on it, like I can still get goosebumps thinking about how confident and powerful I felt running through that tunnel and hearing the rap music that was playing and the lights are down, and strobe lights are on and I’m waving to the crowd. When I’m in that headspace, I feel like a fucking powerhouse.

In college, I used to box a little bit, and I used to watch a lot of UFC fights because I was into boxing. Sometimes I visualized myself like coming out for a fight. If you’ve ever watched this happen, like the lights are down. Strobe lights are on. Music. You’re like pumped up. You’ve got your trainers besides you, your coaches besides you. You’re walking down the tunnel. It’s a lot like my high school basketball.

Even though I don’t actually ever want to fight anybody, like those days of my life are over. But there was a time where I did. There was a time where I was so into boxing, and I had so much energy about me. Like I was just ready to fight all the time in a setting where the other party agreed, okay. Except for the one time that I got in a fight with this woman that wouldn’t stop touching my husband. That’s another story for another time. It’s actually quite funny.

But anyway, so I visualize myself either walking out for basketball or what it would feel like if I was getting ready to go into a boxing match. Guys, for lack of better words, it just puts a little hair on my chest. Okay, it just gets me excited.

You guys have this place too. You have this happy place. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it is for you. It might not have anything to do with sports, but there is some vision that you can get into that makes you feel like a powerful fucking lion. Okay. But I choose to go there. I choose to go there often. I choose to go there with powerful music. I choose to remember who the hell I am. Right?

So we can walk through life with the energy of the sheep, or we can walk through life with the energy of the lion. We can be the people that are always apologizing. We keep ourselves small, and we keep ourselves quiet. We question if what we’re saying is right. Question if what we’re doing is right. Is this actually going to move the needle of my business?

We really turn the volume down on what we want to say. We’re people pleasing and we’re tiptoeing. We want to try things. We have ideas. We have ideas about what we want to do, but I don’t know. Maybe we should tiptoe around them a little bit and consider it a little bit more. We make excuses for a while we don’t have the body we want. We make excuses for why we don’t have the business we want. The relationship we want, it’s not as good as we want. It’s definitely their fault. Right? We place blame, and we’re victimy.

Or we can walk through this life with our chin up, our chest elevated, remembering who the fuck we are, where we came from, in that type of energy that I call, absolutely un-fuck-withable. Like I cannot be fucked with. That I am on a mission energy. I am doing big things energy. I can’t be bothered energy. The energy when your boyfriend calls you and he says, “Yeah, babe, I think maybe, maybe we need a break from each other.” You hang up the phone, and you walk right into the fucking street, and you scream next.

How many hours a week do you spend time worrying about this client and that client? What if they don’t sign up? Why isn’t my launch working? My staff is so annoying. I don’t like my body, but I’m not really doing anything about it. I wish things were easier. I want a big business, but I just don’t really want to work all that many hours a week. I know I should probably do better on social media, but I don’t know. Maybe something will change one day.

What would happen to you in your life if you began doing everything through the lens of absolutely un-fuck-withable energy, that VIP energy, that guards opened doors for me with a smile of curiosity on their face about who the hell I am and why I got a silver star. Out of these 10,000 people here, I am one of five people that has this. Right? Why a text has been sent out to me to over 100 security guards about me. That energy.

What if you stopped rolling around in bed for 30 minutes in the morning not wanting to wake up, and instead rolling out of bed with a hunger for your mission hours before your kids wake up, in time to go to the gym, in time to meal prep, in time to give yourself energy so you can go out and get what you want in this life. What if you stayed up late? What if you woke up early just to work on your goals?

Which energy makes people want to work with you? Which energy makes people want to listen to you talk? Which energy makes clients come towards you, right? Like which one draws opportunities towards you from the universe? Which one gets people to say, man, I want to interview her on my podcast.

Guys, emotions are habitual. Some of you guys are stuck in the habit of an emotion. We all are. But we’ve got to choose which emotion we want to make a habit. You’re not a victim, but you lean towards victimhood as an emotion. Or you’re not an angry person, but you do lean towards anger as a dominant emotion. You’re not a lazy person, but you’ve built a habit of letting yourself off the hook time and time again.

What if you built habits out of always doing what you said you’re going to do, out of trusting yourself, out of complete and absolute dedication? Where would you be with your goals today if you just woke up in that energy and chose to be in that energy every single day, even when you didn’t want to?

I want you to ask yourself right now what do I want? What goals do I want to hit? What mentor do I want to hire? What body, what energy level do I want to have physically? What relationship do I want to have with my parents, with my significant other, with my children? When you’re thinking these through, ask yourself what mindset you’re coming from? Are you the lion or the sheep?

During the pandemic, restaurants were shut down. Many restaurant owners still to this day, you talk to them, and they’re cursing and they’re blaming the pandemic. They’re slurring their hate to anyone who will listen okay. While others went to Lowe’s, and they started building outdoor seating. They had their restaurant opened within 24 hours of shutting down.

Or they became creative, and they created ways in which their non-drive thru restaurant now has a drive thru. They’re selling margaritas through that window to take home. Like people got so creative. So many people got so creative, and so many people didn’t. Some restaurant owners will say the pandemic killed my business, while others will say thank God for the pandemic. Now I have 13 restaurants opened since 2020 because the pandemic put us on the map.

I have people that DM me about 30 More deadline coming up, and they say I wish. I wish. I wish. I wish I could be there. I just don’t know. I’m scared. I don’t know how I’m gonna get the money. I don’t know. Right. Then I have others that I just get notified ding. So and so just applied for your mastermind. Ding, so and so paid the invoice. Ding. They take ownership. They decide what they want, and they do it, right. Then they DM me to celebrate so that we can celebrate together.

Guys, you can be the victim, or you can be the victor, the lion, or the sheep. The worries and the concerns and the fears that you carry around with you, that’s not actually you. That’s a habit. That’s a habit that’s been built. That is an emotion that you lean towards at times, right? You got to ask yourself. Like am I seeing this through all of my fears? Or if I shake all of these fears and worries off, what’s left? What is the real me? The truth of who you are, the real you, is void of the fears and the concerns and the worries. Right? The real you is powerful and knowing.

Here’s a fun fact, when you’re trying to decide what’s actually true, your truth always feels calm. That’s how you know your truth. When you’re in a state of worry and concern, it feels flighty. It feels anxious, and in the clouds. Like it feels vibrating and scary and flighty. That’s the best word I know how to use for it. We never want to make decisions from this place because this place is called fear. That’s the way fear feels in your body. Right?

Our truth is exposed when those things are removed. Our true selves feel grounded. They feel like gratitude for what we have. They feel like a desire and a hunger from a place of passion, from a place of strength, and knowing how capable we are.

If you’re listening to your body and your mind enough, then you know. You have felt these before. You know what I’m talking about. You’re like yeah, sometimes when I’m out going on a walk, or I just got off of a really amazing phone call that reminded me how powerful I am. I just killed it in that consult or whatever. You feel that calm feeling of like oh yeah, I was made for this. I was created for this. I was fucking born to do this. Like I’m the best person for this. Like the world needs me. It comes from that calm, grounded gut feeling, not the flighty in your head worry. That’s the real you.

Guys, we’ve got to stop stalking all of our doubts on top of each other, and making decisions from that place. We’ve got to start stacking all of our proofs, all of our evidence for why it’s true, why our true selves are here, why we are creating such an impact on the world. Everyone here has evidence that they have created impact. How often are you thinking about that instead of the doubts? That’s the energy we want to carry. That is the energy in which we want to work, in which we want to make decisions. That is the VIP energy.

We can be the victim, or we can be the victor. Every day we get to choose. As Tony says, low energy people do not attract high energy opportunities. Okay. Low energy people do not attract high energy opportunities. So do what you need to do to find your energy. Go and do that. No more excuses.

You don’t have to choose every day to just allow the day to own you. How am I going to feel today? Is something going to happen that’s going to make me feel powerful? Is something going to happen that’s going to rock my world? Is something going to happen? Is a client going to default or a client is going to quit, or a client is going to leave me a bad review, and that’s gonna rock me. I sure hope that doesn’t happen.

Or a client leaves me a bad review. Next, next, next, right? I know my shits quality. I know I’m doing a good job. I know that this person is just living out of fear. I know who I am. That’s the fucking energy guys. That’s the energy. You get to choose how your day goes. You get to choose how you feel. You get to choose how you make decisions. You get to stand up a little bit straighter. Get that silver star on your badge.

All right guys, that is it for me today. That’s all. Deadline for the 30 More mastermind is right now, November 18th. There is no smarter move in your business. If you have reached at least 50k in your business, then your new job from here on out is continuing to learn how to make that business more scalable and more efficient. Yes, scaling and creating efficiency can feel like hard work, but on the other side of that hard work is the most money and the most freedom you have ever had in your life. I absolutely cannot encourage you enough. I will see you inside the mastermind, and I can’t wait to celebrate every single one of you. Bye.

Hey guys, this podcast is the blood sweat and tears of a lot of different people. The planning and the preparation of each episode is extensive. My team and I are really proud to bring you this free and abundant content each week, and we hope that you’re loving it. If you are, the very best thank you that we can receive from you is a review and a share.

When you share this episode with a friend or leave us a five star review, it is like pouring a little bit of magic into our podcasting bucket. It is what gets our work recognized. It’s what gives us energy and keeps us going, truly. Not one share nor review goes without recognition from our team. As always, we fucking love you here at Hell Yes Coaching. Have a beautiful day.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.

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