How much you made this year means nothing if you spent the entire year telling your kids you can’t play because you gotta work. Or ignoring your hobbies to keep chipping away at your to-do’s.

Whether you like it or not, time is passing and your life is speeding by. Having a high revenue year is a blast, but money isn’t what makes you successful. It’s how you did it that I care about.

Tell me you made a million dollars and I won’t be impressed until I know how you treated your personal life during the pursuit of it.

Did you make it strong-arming play and freedom? Or did you make it while living out your hobbies and nurturing your community and loved ones?

We have been conditioned to believe we have to choose: a life of leisure or a life of wealth. But this is what they teach us in the lower and middle class. This is how I was raised: “You want cash, you gotta trade your precious time for it. Period.” This mindset is how they keep us clocking in and out. It took me 30-something years to realize that’s some factory-minded bullshit.

True wealth comes from building a scaleable business that doesn’t need your presence all of the time.


Do you see this picture? This is me and my family on a music festival trip this weekend. I worked 0 hours and came back about $9,000 richer than when I left my house.
Why? Because I started questioning everything about how the wealthiest seem to never be working. They always seem to be golfing and yachting. I stopped believing I had to sacrifice.

But to do this, you must know exactly how to scale a business.

This is what I teach in my Thirty More Mastermind.

Where my students are learning to hit those million-dollar years from a place of play and creativity and days off of work.

We question everything we have been taught. We build, create, and play.

This round we will have two different tracks: online and brick & mortar. No matter what service business you’re in, you can scale with my help.

Once you learn how to scale, you stop sacrificing joy for wealth.

You wake up when you want. Your day is scheduled how you want. You vacation when you want. Life becomes your playground.

But first, you must make the choice for change.

Ps: Thirty More mastermind deadline is November 18.
If you have any questions, my Thirty More students are hosting an ASK ANYTHING zoom call next week completely FREE.
Message me to reserve your spot.

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