I have made 6-figures roughly 34 times since I became an entrepreneur six years ago. Not to toot my own horn, but that is a lot for a small-town waitress in six years. (Toot Toot.)

The business success was not because I came from a family of entrepreneurs who could show me how it’s done. (I didn’t). Not because I went to school for business. (again, I didn’t.) I also didn’t fit the stereotype of someone who could start a successful business. I was a waitress, a mom, young and tattooed, and had zero start-up money. And between me and you…I was terrified, to boot.

Those 34 times happened only because I trusted myself to take the leap of faith. And to have my own back at every speedbump and around every bend in the road.

My friends, I have not stopped taking the leaps of faith.

Have you?


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You will set goals with more clear direction than you ever have. Your client and staff retention will increase. Your revenue will increase. And so will your quality of life. You have never been supported like this. You have never been coached like this. And you have never been this ready. It is go time. Join the waitlist HERE.

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