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You Know Enough Already!

Information is good but action is better.

We believe everyone should be a lifelong learner. Knowledge is power. The more you know, blah, blah.

It is all true. But, there comes a point when the acquisition of knowledge or the pursuit of information leads to indecision.

How do you know if you know enough already? Good question.

The answer is that you will always need to learn more. Mastery is a pursuit, not a destination.

High achievers have a tendency to pursue knowledge at the expense of taking action. This happens for many reasons, but primarily it comes down to fear.

We convince ourselves that more knowledge will make our goals easier or more achievable.

This may be true, but we’re tricking ourselves if we think knowledge is going to facilitate action.

The leap of faith (in yourself) is the hard part. Knowledge is easy. You can always Google it.

Ask yourself if you have stagnated because you are pursuing knowledge and not taking action.

Knowledge is good, but action is better.

Put the book down, you know enough already.

What are three actions you can do this week to propel yourself in the right direction?

Commit to someone else that you will do these things and ask them to hold you accountable.

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You Know Enough Already

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