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I am sitting here writing videos that I’m going to be sharing with my Thirty More members, and I just wanted to give you a reminder that our brains are sometimes liars. Our false thoughts can lead us to feel overwhelmed and stuck.

So, I’ve been really excited about making this new content. I’m going to have videos on everything from becoming a mature CEO, simplifying for bigger success, letting go of control so that you can staff and delegate, positioning your brand, managing people, retention, scalability, and more.  I’ve been looking forward to pumping it out, but my brain has been telling me that it’s going to take at least 137 hours to do this. So, I’ve been putting it off forever.

But my brain is a liar because guess what? Once I started, it’s taken me five hours.

Just remember, just because your brain is telling you things doesn’t mean it’s always true. It’s good to have someone in your corner to help you fight off limiting beliefs and keep you accountable and motivated. 



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Your brain is a liar.

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