Your Industry Doesn't Matter - Hell Yes Coaching

It doesn’t matter if you’re a:

Real estate agent
Massage therapist
Life coach
Virtual Assistant
Or a house cleaner…

What you sell doesn’t matter.

How you sell it…does.

I have had people ask me, “how can you coach me if you have never worked in my industry?”

And the truth is it REALLY doesn’t matter to me whether you’re selling wooden spoons or sky-diving lessons…. The top problems in sales are congruent across all industries.

Most entrepreneurs haven’t been taught how to sell their services in a way that is actually effective.

Business owners want more clients but don’t know exactly HOW to get them.

Every day and every week is just a shot in the dark, a hopeful fingers-crossed-request-to-the-Revenue-Gods that more people will begin noticing their work and requesting their service. Except it doesn’t work that way.

You need a blueprint of HOW to get your client’s attention. How to get people to WANT what you have. How to inspire them to realize they NEED your service. How to get their asses to stop scrolling right past your feed.

Students who come into Three More are from all industries, but they have the same main problems. They:

  • Want to tell people about their services but don’t want to come across pushy or salesy.
  • Don’t know the best place to spend their time and energy when it comes to marketing.
  • They show up often on social media but get little or no engagement.
  • Or the real kicker: they have interested people but then they LOSE the sale once they perform the consult. Sometimes even completely ghosted.

These are the exact same problems across all industries.

No one has taught them how to attract and inspire the SHIT out of their audience. Nor how to hold a consultation the right way.

In Three More, we teach you ALL OF THIS in our series of 8 videos.

Then we go above and beyond by backing these videos up with an active Facebook community for all Three More members and LIVE business coaching calls every single Tuesday.

Yes. You get instant access to business coaching every single week so you never have to feel lost. For LIFE.

Three More is simple and crafted for you to succeed.

You will gain three more clients in your first thirty days because you will finally have the exact tools you need to attract clients to your business the right way.

For the love of all things Holy, stop guessing. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Let us show you what needs to be done.

You are ready.

Get instant access right now.


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