Cover your tattoos.
Speak professionally.
Put on a blazer.
Stay small.
Stay polite.
Agree on repeat.
Dress so others feel comfortable around you. (Wear a bra.)
Don’t be aggressive.
Follow the rules.

Most of the advice I have been given on how to show up in the business world has been nothing short of fascinating *and* absolute bullshit.

I have *never* cared to fit that mold.

We become successful, not because of our outfits, our politeness, or the way we speak.

We become successful because of the unhinged genius that lives deep inside of us. The person we only unleash when we feel we are allowed to be ourselves. When we feel we are allowed to break the mold.

Inside Thirty More, I will teach you how to grow a business based on YOU and your one else’s. I will show you how to unleash the most powerful, playful version of you. The version of you that you love. The version that creates success through authenticity and inner genius.

You will find the fun again. You will find the purpose again. And your services will be in more demand than ever.

17 more days. Join the waitlist now.


P.S. The application window to be business coached by me inside of my mastermind, Thirty More, is May 1-5. This is the room that will mature you as a CEO. You will hyper-focus and re-commit to your company in a way you haven’t before.

You will set goals with more clear direction than you ever have. Your client and staff retention will increase. Your revenue will increase. And so will your quality of life. You have never been supported like this. You have never been coached like this. And you have never been this ready. It is go time. Join the waitlist here.

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