Business Courses & Entrepreneur Coaching to Crush Your Goals

Get equipped with the tools, strategies, and the mindset to grow the hell out of your business with entrepreneur coaching from Becca Pike & team.


A Plan to Scale at Every Stage


Support from other Entrepreneurs


Improve Confidence in your Business

Growing A Business Can Be Overwhelming

You have an incredible vision for your business, and you’re ready to do whatever you need to to reach it. You long for clarity and a REAL plan for success, but let’s face it – if those were simple to find, you’d already be at your destination. Trust me, I get it. I learned how to grow a business the hard way. My business was always growing, but I was busting my tail as an entrepreneur until I learned what to prioritize. The result has been life-changing. Having someone give me a roadmap to success with entrepreneur coaching took the guesswork out of business growth. It not only led me to own multiple 7-figure businesses with dozens of employees, but it put me in the driver’s seat of my life. I’m a firm believer that you deserve a business success coach in your corner, too. That’s why I’ve poured everything into courses designed to give the tools, coaching, and community to grow the hell out of your business. Let’s do this.


You have a vision but lack a plan.


You’re putting in the effort but not seeing the results.


You feel like there are never enough hours in the day (OR you have the time but don’t know how to use it).


You’re ready for more.

Get Clarity & Momentum with Entrepreneur Coaching

We offer three business courses:

Business Mastermind Group

For those ready to scale beyond 6-figures.

You’ve built a successful business. Now it’s time to get out of its way so it can keep growing with entrepreneur coaching. Our Thirty More sessions equip you to stop being the service provider and start being CEO, giving you the time and financial freedom you need to prioritize higher-level thinking and reach 6-figures.

Coaching Certification Program

Take control of your coaching career.

You sense a calling towards coaching, but it’s essential to recognize that being a coach and establishing a thriving coaching business are distinct endeavors. We’re here to offer our support. Our approach with “Zero-to-Coach” empowers you to construct your coaching business uniquely, with effectiveness and strength.

Becca Pike Coaching Membership

Tailor-made for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Introducing “The Circle” by Hell Yes Coaching, an exclusive annual membership designed specifically for driven entrepreneurs and business leaders who are eager to jump start their success. Gain exclusive access to Becca Pike’s coaching resources and unique content, all curated to help you achieve your business goals.

Becca Pike, Entrepreneur Coaching Professional

“Running a successful business is more simple than you may think.”

– Becca Pike, Hell Yes Coaching Founder



Far too many entrepreneur coaching programs create their material and leave it up to you to figure out how to implement it. We walk with you through weekly live career coaching sessions designed to keep you on track. Each video is accompanied by follow-up work and assignments designed to build your confidence and skills.


We teach organic marketing. No manipulation. No pushing. Just clean selling through value and authority. This will be bread and butter organic growth-focused content and dialogue that will work.


Investing in yourself can be scary, but you aren’t going down this road alone. In addition to Hell Yes Coaches and entrepreneur coaching, you’ll be surrounded with like-minded, higher-thinking individuals with the same goals that will be there with you through the journey.


Relationship Coaching Hell Yes Coaching v2


Know you have someone in your corner that knows their stuff. Weekly career coaching or entrepreneur coaching allows you to get the real-time guidance and support you need to crush your goals.

Rewire Limiting Beliefs Strategy Planning Hell Yes Coaching v2


This isn’t theory and textbooks – our entrepreneur coaching is actionable, goal-smashing, get-shit-done kind of stuff. Each week you’ll have practical steps you can start taking.

Increase Revenue Success Hell Yes Coaching 1


Hell Yes Coaching clients rave about the transformation they experience. But, we know money matters, too.
We want your investment back in your pocket after working with us, and we’ve seen it time and time again.

“If you are ready to shift the direction of your life, this is how to do it.”

 – Mimi T, HYC Client

How to Get Started

Relationship Coaching Hell Yes Coaching Book a Free Mini Session0A 1

Step 1

Enroll Now

Determine which entrepreneur coaching program is right for you. Then, enroll today to get started on your path to business development. Schedule a conversation to talk to someone on our team if you have any questions.

Self Esteem Coaching Hell Yes Coaching Work with Your Coach0A 1

Step 2

Get Coached

Learn how to implement effective organic marketing and business management from experienced entrepreneurs and million-dollar business owners. Then, revisit course materials and study our proven framework to begin selling confidently.

Crush Your Goals

Step 3


This is your mountaintop moment! Grow the hell out of your business. Reap the benefits of your entrepreneur coaching investment and know you are equipped to move on to the next challenge with a “Hell Yes” attitude.  



Jessica Ballesteros

“Hell Yes Coaching helped me overcome the mental blocks I had with money. Today I’m happy to report a 35% pay increase!”

Tyler D.

“I cannot tell you enough that you need to be a part of this program if you are ready to level up your business and do amazing things.”

Erin Gagne

“I was making decisions from a place of fear and HYC helped me push past that.”