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Tired of Feeling Stuck?


Frustrated you are putting in the effort at work but not seeing the results?


Do you have a vision but lack a plan?


Feel like there are never enough hours in the day?


Are you ready for more in your professional life?

Get Clarity & Momentum with One-on-One Professional Coaching

Hell Yes Coaching is here for you and your business.

Business Coaching

Whether you are a brand new entrepreneur or you’re decades into it, a Hell Yes Certified Business Coach has the experience and know-how to help you remove roadblocks and thrive.


Define Aggressive Goals


Become More Efficient


Find Work & Family Balance


Unlock Potential


Rewire Limiting Beliefs


Get Practical Applications


Get Outside Perspective


Increase Revenue

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“I’m a firm believer that everyone up-levels with a coach in their corner.”


– Becca Pike, Hell Yes Coaching Founder

You have an incredible vision, and you’re ready to do whatever you need to to reach it. You long for clarity and a REAL plan for success, but let’s face it – if those were simple to find, you’d already be at your destination. 

Trust me, I get it. I spent years busting my tail as a sole-entrepreneur with little business growth and mounds of stress. 

Then I found my coach.

The result has been life-changing. Having a coach not only led me to own multiple businesses with dozens of employees, but it put me in the driver’s seat of my life – as a mother, wife, friend, athlete, and business owner.

I’m a firm believer that you deserve a coach in your corner, too. My team of Certified Hell Yes Coaches are experts at helping people overcome roadblocks, create a blueprint for the future, and accomplish their goals.  Book a free mini-session today and let’s do this.

So what exactly can coaching give you?

Relationship Coaching Hell Yes Coaching v2


Know you have someone in your corner that knows their stuff. At HYC, our certified coaches aren’t just handed a title; they are hand-selected based on their proven track record of success then trained in our immersive Hell Yes Coaching Framework. In fact, we believe in the power of coaching so much that all of our coaches have their own coaches.

Rewire Limiting Beliefs Strategy Planning Hell Yes Coaching v2


This isn’t theory and textbooks – this is actionable, goal-smashing, get-shit-done kind of stuff. Each week your coach will work with you to define a practical plan for the days ahead.

Increase Revenue Success Hell Yes Coaching 1


Hell Yes Coaching clients rave about the transformation they experience. But, we know money matters, too.
We want your investment back in your pocket after three months of working with us, and we’ve seen it time and time again.

If you are ready to shift the direction of your life, this is how to do it.”

 – Mimi Thompson, HYC Client

Relationship Coaching Hell Yes Coaching Book a Free Mini Session0A 1

Step 1

Book a Free Mini-Session

Fill out a simple questionnaire to help us discover your unique needs. We’ll then thoughtfully match you to a certified coach for your free mini-session. Whether you move forward with us or not, you’ll get free coaching advice.

Self Esteem Coaching Hell Yes Coaching Work with Your Coach0A 1

Step 2

Work with Your Coach

Time to hit the ground running in weekly one-on-one coaching sessions designed to give you life – not suck your time. Experience the power of having a coach in your corner that understands your vision, sees your obstacles, and is qualified to help you overcome them. You’ll end each session with a practical and actionable plan for the week ahead. 

Crush Your Goals

Step 3

Crush Your Goals

This is your mountaintop moment! Reap the benefits of your investment and know you are equipped to move onto the next challenge with a “Hell Yes” attitude.

Are you an entrepreneur ready to level up your business and consistently close more consults? Check out HYC’s Three More Program to learn how to go all-in on sales without the cringy tactics.

What clients are saying:

Jessica Ballesteros

“Hell Yes Coaching helped me overcome the mental blocks I had with money. Today I’m happy to report a 35% pay increase!”

Erin K. Sceifres Butler

“Since I started coaching, I’ve not only improved my relationship with my husband in ways I didn’t realize were possible but also my relationship with myself.”

Erin Gagne

“I was making decisions from a place of fear and my coach helped me push past that. She always encourages me to do more and makes me feel like I actually can!”

Meet our Hell Yes Certified Coaches.

Financial Life and Business Coaching Hell Yes Coaching Collective Coaching Certified Coaches

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