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Level up your entrepreneurial skills with business courses and trainings from Hell Yes Coaching. The courses equip you with live weekly group coaching sessions, insights from a community of other entrepreneurs, and a blueprint for future business growth.

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For those ready to hit their
first 6-figure year.

You can work on the backend of your business all you want, but if you can’t sell, you can’t grow.

Three More equips you to attract and close at least 3 clients in just 30 Days, then empowers you to scale your business to its first 100k+ year.

PS: When you enroll, you receive lifetime access to all of the materials and coaching!


For those ready to scale
beyond 6-figures.

You’ve built a successful business – now it’s time to get out of its way so it can keep growing.

Thirty More equips you to stop being the service provider and start being CEO, giving you the time and financial freedom you need to prioritize higher-level thinking and reach beyond 6-figures.

Interested? Learn More Below.

Interested in the Thirty More Mastermind?

Confirm that you qualify:

  • Your business must be your full-time gig, not your side gig.
  • You have created a minimum of $50,000 in the last 12 months in your business.
  • You’re a member of Three More.
  • OR, you get directly invited by Becca Pike and the team. Invites will be delivered before the application window opens.
  • If you are not directly invited, you must apply.

Do not let not being invited steer you away from applying. Our best applicants often become our most successful clients. Plus, grit and perseverance can save you a seat in this room.

Apply for the next round of the Thirty More Mastermind:

  • The application window for our January 2022 group has closed.
  • The next round starts in July 2022.
  • There is a 5-day Application window that will open as July approaches. 
  • Your application will require a $1,000 non-refundable deposit.
  • There will be an in-person 2-day gathering to kick it off in Miami, FL. (non-mandatory but highly encouraged.)
  • This is a 6-month mastermind including weekly coaching calls, an advanced itinerary of business growth including elite and successful guest speakers, and a deep community of colleagues.
  • This mastermind is for all service-based industries and is designed and proven to transition you from entrepreneur to CEO.
  • This is a $12,000 investment.

For more information about Thirty More and the application process, email [email protected]


General inquiry? Email [email protected]


Ep #29: Talking Over Coffee with Mark Pike

Ep #29: Talking Over Coffee with Mark Pike

My husband Mark and I sit and we have bomb-ass conversations, full of value and deep thinking. So, I thought to myself, why not put a mic in between us, no script or topic in mind, no specific reason to even start a conversation, just talking. So, that’s what we’re...

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The Holiday Business Gains

The Holiday Business Gains

The Holidays are HERE! One of the biggest mistakes I see my business owner clients make is taking their petals off the gas during the holidays. They think people aren't wanting to be "bothered" with sales emails or shout-outs during the holidays...or they believe...

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The Holiday Business Gains

The Pain You Know

People are more willing to stay in pain that is familiar than they are to experience pain they don't know...even if the pain they don't know is useful/helpful/life-changing pain. That means: people are more willing to stay broke because it's familiar than they are to...

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Five Things Successful People Do Everyday Hell Yes Coaching Fee PDF Mobile


5 Things Successful People Do Every Day

Our minds can be our most valuable or most detrimental asset. Implement these simple tactics in your own life to realize your true potential and awaken your strongest self.

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