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How it All Began…

“Years before Hell Yes Coaching was born, I ran myself ragged trying to get a business off the ground as a sole-entrepreneur. No matter how hard I hustled, I felt like I stayed in the same place. I longed to focus on the big picture of my business and life, but instead, I lived each day to put out the biggest “fire” in front of me. I was about to throw in the towel.

Then I found my coach.

Having a coach didn’t just give me my life back – it gave me a far better one than I could have ever imagined. Today I own multiple businesses, have dozens of employees, and am in the driver’s seat of my life – as a mother, wife, friend, athlete, and business owner.

I want you to be in the driver’s seat of your life, too. 

Whether your goal is to be a better business owner, a better mother, a better athlete, or a better all-around person, coaching can help. That’s why our team has developed a proven framework designed to help our clients thrive. Our Certified Hell Yes Coaches are experts at helping you overcome roadblocks, create a blueprint for the future, and accomplish your goals.

Take a look at our team of rockstar coaches below, and let’s do this.

Becca Pike, HYC Founder & President, Certified Hell Yes Premier Business Coach 

Becca Pike Hell Yes Coaching About Hell Yes Certified Coaches

Introducing the Hell Yes Coaching Collective:

Certified Hell Yes Coaches Ready to Help you Thrive

About John Hell Yes Certified Coaches


Head of Coaching and Staff Coach

“There is nothing better than watching someone achieve a goal they previously thought was impossible. That is why I do what I do.”

John is a certified life coach and nutrition coach with a Master’s Degree in Health Administration. He is a coach who takes personal accountability and responsibility to help clients achieve their biggest goals and accomplish their wildest dreams.

Before John came to Hell Yes Coaching, he coached cross country and track and field at the collegiate and high school level. He has helped individuals achieve personal records in road races of all distances, including the marathon, and John has coached over 1,000 hours of CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting classes.

Outside of the athletic arena, John is an accomplished business coach and works with entrepreneurs to conquer the fear of risk and establish best practices for his clients’ businesses to thrive.

When he’s not helping people smash their goals, you can find John on the track, doing a CrossFit workout, Olympic weightlifting or powerlifting. He has competed in competitions throughout the United States, which only enhances his mindset to achieve success at all levels.


Staff Coach

“Life is what you make of it and I’ve dealt with my fair share of heartbreaks. What makes it all worth it is using my own experiences to help women (maybe like you) work through the brokenness and become a complete badass.”​

Suzie is a certified Master Coach through the Life Coach School and an Advanced Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. 

Years ago, she encountered extreme heartbreak and abandonment when her husband cheated on her while pregnant with her second child. Many people might’ve shut down during this hardship, but Suzie turned to yoga and the twelve steps for healing. She learned that life could be hard, but she could also use her experience to help other women. That is when her life got exciting.

Suzie loves to guide women who feel broken and confused, tap into their deepest thoughts, and realize that they can have everything they want and do not have to compromise who they are. She helps her clients take what feels like a glaring weakness to their most significant source of strength. 

If you’re looking to make the most out of your life and your relationships – you want to work with Suzie.

Suzie Hell Yes Coaching About Coaches
Clint Hell Yes Coaching About Coaches


HYC Collective Coach

The key to success is purpose-driven accountability. You need people around you that are invested in your success and want you to reach your highest potential. I want to be that accountability for you.”

Clint began his coaching journey 17 years ago while guiding American missionaries in Mexico to construct cinderblock homes for impoverished Mexican families. There, he continued to coach through various modalities and throughout different countries and cultures across the world. 

For over a decade, Clint took to seasonal work and vagabond lifestyle, including a yearly pilgrimage to Alaska for the commercial salmon fishing season. This lifestyle allowed Clint to drive through all 48 States, live in New Zealand and Montreal, walk El Camino de Santiago and explore all of Spain, participate in mission work in Belize, Mexico, and Peru, travel down the Amazon river for 16 days, explore a consciousness course in Australia, drive a van from Alaska to Colorado, and many more adventures into the unknown. You name it; Clint probably did it.  

Clint’s vast range of exposure and experience to the diverse and nuanced expression of the human journey and soul allows him to provide a grounded and approachable coaching style for his clients. 

Transformation doesn’t have to be a “buzz word,” Clint is committed to making it a reality – whatever that might look like for you.

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