8 - 2022 - Hell Yes Coaching
Ep #67: Beers with Becca: Melanie Childers

Ep #67: Beers with Becca: Melanie Childers

In this month’s edition of Beers with Becca, I’m speaking to a good friend of mine and boss-ass bitch, Melanie Childers. Melanie is a Master Coach and Feminist Business Coach who specializes in working with ambitious, brilliant women who are ready to smash the...
Scared your contractors will leave to start their own business?

Scaling is an Art: What to know

The guilt is real. You were at your kids’ baseball game but you weren’t really watching. You were thinking about work, weren’t you? You went to dinner last night with your spouse but your brain was still solving problems from your customers. You’re on a hamster...