It has become far too accepted in our society to find a woman who is seeking/ wanting/ wishing for a strong, loyal man and relationship in her life, yet is practicing the habits of “man-hating.”

Yes, media, books, shows, and movies do a fantastic job brain-washing us to think it’s completely normal and accepted to sit with our friends over cocktails and talk about how deeply we despise the last man we dated. The one that never called back. The one that only wanted a one night stand. The “deuche-bag.” The man hater may say all men are the same, and men are worthless. Are you a man-hater? Yet you are absolutely dumbfounded that you’re “still single.”

Coincidence? Nah, girl.

How is it even remotely confusing as to why you’re still single if you literally hate the opposite sex?

“I hate men” yet in the same breath, you may think something along the lines of…..”why don’t they love me?” Take a second and realize how wild this is.

Now listen you bad-ass women of the world: I am not talking to every single woman here. I am talking to the select few women who meet two criteria:

1)A woman who deeply wants a relationship with a man.

2)A woman who constantly talks trash, gossips, and obsessed about practically all the men she knows. Also known as: The Man Hater.

Let’s look at this in a different light just for the fun of context. Could you imagine a scenario where a super racist person would attract friends of a different ethnicity?

A person that complains daily to their friends how much they DESPISE black people, DO.NOT.HAVE.BLACK.FRIENDS.

Obvious, right? Yes, that person clearly sucks and is not attracting awesome, loyal, intelligent and fun black friends. Yet the woman that DESPISES men doesn’t understand why Prince Charming isn’t riding in to sweep her off her feet. *Mind Blown.*

Instead of race, let’s just flip the gender now. Can you fathom a scenario women, where you meet a man who is a part of a group-text with his bros and all they do is bash women? They hate women. They get together over beers and talk about how awful women are. Is this in alignment with what you want in a man? Of course not. And you’re not in alignment with what they want.

It’s time to have the same expectations for yourself as you have for men. Equality, right? If it’s not okay in your book for men to hate on women, or Muslims to hate Christians, then it’s time to up-level how you’re speaking about men.

Look around you: Are all the man-haters in your life single? Yes. Are all the women who are in amazing relationships to loyal, strong, honest men… man-haters? No. Seems quite black and white, right?

The frequency and vibration that you put into the Universe is one of the most powerful tools you have as a human. You are in control of every vibration that your body emits and attracting what you want in life can be easy once you learn to control this super power.

It is hard to grasp this because we can’t physically see our vibrations, and our Westernized minds want to see evidence… but one thing is for sure: talking shit and thinking shitty thoughts about men is literally repelling them from you.

God, the Universe, Source, whatever you call our higher power…will *NOT* send you a loyal man if you’re incapable of having him.

Ladies, there are SO MANY good, loyal and honest men out there. I can name 20 off the top of my head who are phenomenal fathers and husbands and brothers and friends. I can name them so easily because I do not wear blinders that only see the “bad guys.” To put them in a box as all the same is absolutely unfair.

If you feel that I am speaking directly to you with this message, first of all, I want to say good job for having the vulnerability to realize something hard about yourself. If I had a dollar for every time I realized something about my personality that wasn’t serving me or hurting others, I would own Fiji. It is difficult and takes strength to look in the mirror and own up to something like this.

If you want to change this, there are some really awesome ways to turn your habits around and take control of your vibrations and your mentality.

Here are a few pointers.

1)Get out of all negative group texts that sit and bash men. Whatever you have to do. Tell your friends you are detoxing from negativity and have to remove yourself from the group. Or just ghost them. Or throw your phone in the Pacific, I really don’t care but get the hell outta Dodge.

2) Find Accountability. Let your girlfriends know you are detoxing from negative thoughts and words around men.

3)Take off your tunnel vision goggles and open your eyes to all the honest men of the world.

4)Explore where these thoughts came from. DId your mom hate men? Does your sister hate men? Do you hate your dad? Were you burned one time by a man? Is this ideology from a show you watched religiously as a teenager?

5) Write affirmations that you recite daily that involve why you believe men are good.

Hate is no joke, yo. We preach this all the time. Stop the hate. Stop the wars. Spread Love. Spread good. And your Wine Spritzer at Happy Hour conversations about how awful men are, are NOT innocent. It is hate-spreading. We must have higher expectations for ourselves so we can leave small and positive footprints in this world and raise children to grow with love and acceptance of all genders and races and religions.

Own up.

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