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Take Control of Your Coaching Career. Get Licensed as a Certified Hell Yes Coach with our coaching certification program.


Stand Out from the Competition

Stand Out Hell Yes Coachiing

Impact Lives

Business Growth Coaching Leadership Hell Yes Coaching

Scale your Business

You feel Called to Coach.

But coaching and building a coaching business are two entirely different things. 

We can help.

This isn’t another coaching certification program where you learn how to coach like everyone else. At Zero to Coach, you actually build your coaching business your way – efficiently and powerfully.

Introducing The Zero to Coach Program

Watch this 3-minute overview

A Coaching Certification Program Designed for Beginners and Veterans

Certificate Hell Yes Coaching Stand out

Stand out from your Competition

The demand for coaching is high – but qualified coaches are few. The Hell Yes Coaching Certification Program allows you to stand out in a sea of coaches. Know you can provide mentorship that delivers REAL results for your clients.

One on One Training

Get small group Training

Enough with the pre-recorded webinars already. Your success matters to us – that’s why the HYC Coaching Certification Program is exclusive to a small group setting – just you, your coach, and a few carefully selected individuals. That’s 12 weeks of focused effort on YOU and YOUR career.

Business Growth Coaching Leadership Hell Yes Coaching

Grow Your Business

As a Certified Hell Yes Coach, you’ll not only be equipped to help your clients succeed, but you’ll learn how to help your business succeed in the process. Build the coaching business of your dreams.
coaching certification program graduate
“I went from making $0 in my coaching business to my first 5-figure month in just over two months of becoming a Certified Hell Yes Coach.”
– Suzie W.
Hell Yes Certified Life Coach

How to Become a Certified Hell Yes Coach

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Step 1

Apply Now

Ready to take your first step to a successful coaching business? Get started by filling out a simple application and we’ll be in touch for an introduction phone call. We’ll answer your questions, explain our framework, and see if you’re a good fit!
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Step 2

Begin the
12-week Program

This is no pre-recorded webinar – this is 12 weeks of personalized training for your unique coaching business. At the end of these 12 weeks, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence you need to get hit the ground running.

Crush Your Goals

Step 3

Scale your Business

You are now a Certified Hell Yes Coach! Congrats! Coach confidently knowing you are equipped to impact lives and grow your business.

What you get with your
Hell Yes Coaching Certification Program


12-Week Small Group Training


Individualized Game Plan


Lists of Vetted Professional Services to Help you Grow


Help Targeting Coaching Clients


Hell Yes Certification Badge to Use in All your Marketing


Professional Website Help


Access to Ongoing Support


Public Shout-Out from HYC’s High-Traffic Social Media Pages


Access to the Hell Yes Coaching Community


Help Establishing your LLC


Exposure to Potential Clients Through the Hell Yes Coaching Collective


Sample Invoices and Contracts for your Use

What People are Saying about the Hell Yes Coaching Certification Program

Jessica Powell

“I loved my time in Zero to Coach. I needed help and the 1-on-1 coaching assisted with getting my business off the ground in a way that had structure and guidance, but I could tailor it in a way that worked for ME. It made launching my business simple, and helped me push through everything I would have let get in my way if I tried doing it on my own.”

Loison Kast

“At only 3 weeks into Hell Yes Coaching’s Zero 2 Coach (Z2C) program, I have gained sufficient clarity in several areas of my practice to make the investment worthwhile.  The curriculum is in alignment with my mission and business philosophy (client-based coaching), and unlike many of my previous programs, Z2C provides one-on-one coaching for the duration of the program.”

Asia Couch

“Coaching with John has been beyond what I expected! I have learned to organize my thoughts, broaden my perspective and problem solve. One of the biggest things so far is acknowledging that I have choices. We can choose to let what challenges us paralyze us OR we can choose to let what challenges us grow us.”

Free Video



Master the art of conversations. A free 18-minute video.

Who Should Become a Hell Yes Certified Coach?

Established Coaches

Established Coaches

You’re currently serving clients, but see untapped potential in your business. The Hell Yes Coaching Certification Program will take your business to the next level.

Coaches Seeking Growth

Coaches Seeking Growth

Build your coaching business on a proven framework. The ‘0 to Coach’ coaching certification program lays the groundwork.

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Thinking about starting a coaching business with zero prior experience? This program is the fast-track to that dream.