I get hate mail often, usually through the advertisements I pump out about reaching your massive goals around money and income.

The number one complaint? People find it “irresponsible” of me to be telling people they can reach their big goals. My haters want me to be “more realistic.”

So listen guys…first of all, never use the word ‘realistic’ around me unless you want to see Mama Hulk come out. “Realistic” is for people playing small.

Let’s take a second and look at the word “realistic.”

➡️Realistic: A practical idea of what can be achieved and expected.

I 10x’d my income in the year of 2019.

I coached a client from a 20k salary to a 80k salary in one year.

I coached a client from a 2k/month income to a 10k month income in 6 months.

These are facts. These are black and white. These have been achieved, period. How could they fall into the category of ‘unrealistic’ when they are a reality?

I will never change my tune when it comes to telling people about setting big ass goals and achieving them. And I will never change my tune when it comes to telling people they can do things that their brains may feel is impossible. I will NEVER stop being the voice of what is realistic.

In fact, I am pissed that more people *didn’t* come to me and tell me that I could 10x my income in one year.

I am pissed that more people didn’t cheer me on when I said I wanted to launch a 7 figure business and 6 figure business while simultaneously raising four babies at home. In fact, it was opposite. I was embarrassed to tell people after a while because of the looks I received.

THANK GOD there was a teeny tiny fraction of people that were willing to tell me I could. Those people were people who have already done it themselves, including some of my favorite authors, podcasters, and serial entrepreneurs. People who have achieved more than you will never tell you that you can’t. That advice only comes from people on the other end of that spectrum. Coincidence? Neh.

So… as far as realistic? No thanks. Not for me.

I take it super seriously that I am spreading and voicing the idea that you can do whatever the hell your mind can think of. Does that make some people mad? Yes. Does it make them uncomfortable? Yes. But I will give you one try as to why it makes them mad and uncomfortable. Because when I do things that are “unrealistic,” it breaks their belief and their story that allows them to stay small.

So what is actually realistic when achieving large goals?

Well, I am glad you asked because I have created a list.

Realistic expectations while accessing your wildest dreams:

-failing an excessive amount of times

-getting rejected an excessive amount of times

-working hard

-doing things differently than you ever have

-being judged

-possibly losing friends and acquaintances because your goals make them uncomfortable

-wanting to puke because you’re so far out of your comfort zone

-consistently going against the crowd

-losing sleep because you realize you’re building your wildest dreams

Sounds yuck, right? That, my friends, is the delicious recipe of uncomfort that will brew up the most beautiful life you can imagine. Breaking through a growth phase is hard and for lack of better words….weird. It is why only a few do it. But it is so damn fun on the other side.

And with that being said, I will gladly and happily allow the hate mail to come in on my advertisements. I will gladly and happily be here, standing strong, using my loud voice and profanity to say, REALISTIC IS BULLSHIT.

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