$100,000 - Hell Yes Coaching

$100,000. That is what I pay annually to receive business coaching from my mentor.

This week, I am receiving a week of the most intense, mind-melting, thought-provoking, advanced business coaching available.

Think it is crazy that I spend $100k on a coach? What’s even crazier is that 3 years I go I was making $0 dollars in my coaching business and in just last year and this year, I am projected to make 1.1 million in this business alone.

Next year, I will double my revenue.

(Oh, and while working roughly 15 hours per week.)

This success…Is it magic? Is it Tom Foolery? Is it some sort of weird pyramid thing? No.

It’s because I receive coaching, and I implement the advice I am given.

The right coaches can see holes in your business. Advanced level coaches see what you can’t. They are hands down, the fastest way to grow your company…if you’re willing to put in the work. I hire the best of the best mentorship so I can show up for you, my clients, as the most advance business and entrepreneurial expertise available.

My very best, tip-top advice I can give to all entrepreneurs is this: Get. An. Advanced. Business. Mentor.

Even if you think you can’t. Even if you’re not sure. Even if it’s uncomfortable.

We have advanced coaches and mentors here at Hell Yes Coaching. If we aren’t the right fit. We will help you find the right fit. Easy as that.

Just reach out. Consults are free.

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