It can feel intimidating to put yourself “out there” on social media…and believe it or not, I know how this feels.

You don’t want to show up salesy, or pushy, nor do you want to “bother” people. But, you also understand you gotta have sales to have clients, am I right or am I right?

That’s why it’s so important to learn how to sell with good ol’ fashioned T&C. That’s what we call it in the streets. 😉

Selling with *Tact and *Class is a learned skill.

Here are 3 tips to selling with tact & class:

  • Know when and where it’s appropriate to sell, and know that you have permission.
  • Sell only through educating and providing value. Sales are about giving more than you take. Always. Start by being the most valuable comment on a Facebook thread when someone is asking questions. Drop help and knowledge without expectations. Give, give, give. (Yes, for free!)
  • Always show sympathy with experience. Your audience wants to hear that you have experience and know your shit before they can trust to buy from you. So get vulnerable and share some stories about yourself and why you’re the expert in this field.

This builds trust and rapport with your audience.

In my lifetime program, Three More, I teach how to sell with authority and kindness in a way that positions you as a trusted ally with knowledge and experience.

When you join this community and learn my simple sales process, you will not only gain #threemore clients, but you will feel confident and wanted in the process.

People will be asking YOU how they can work with you.

All industries are joining now. Hop into this community and get instant access to all our videos, our Facebook community, and our LIVE weekly coaching calls.


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