The Hell Yes Entrepreneur Podcast | Becca Coaches Live: How to be Courageous with Haven and BrittanyAre you an entrepreneur who is terrified of leaving the financial buffer your nine to five provides? Do you feel ready to take the courageous leap of going full-time in your business, but don’t know quite where to start or how to push yourself? 

On this episode of Becca Coaches Live, I’m speaking to Haven and Brittany; co-owners of brick-and-mortar aesthetics company, Mind & Body Wellness Medspa. Both women are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who launched their medspa in June of last year, and while they’re ready to take their business to the next level, they feel they need a roadmap.

Join us this week as I coach Haven and Brittany through when to quit their nine to five, how to max out their schedule books, profit margins, and so much more. I’m showing them how they’re currently leaving so much free money on the table, and why, even though they can’t see it, building passive income and a bigger team is available to them right now. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why so many entrepreneurs never feel ready to go full-time in their businesses.
  • How to get clear on the income you should be bringing home. 
  • The power of not having anything to fall back on. 
  • How Haven and Brittany are unknowingly leaving so much free money on the table. 
  • Why they don’t think they’re currently able to hire people.
  • The truth about what business-owning is really about. 

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Full Episode Transcript:

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Hello my friends. Today I am sitting down with Haven and Brittany who just started a med spa, a brick and mortar aesthetics company in Versailles, Kentucky. I’m going to talk to them about when to quit their nine to five, how to max out their schedule books, profit margins, and so much more. I hope you guys enjoy today’s episode. This is number 53. I am your host, Becca Pike, and it is time for your weekly dose of Hell Yes Coaching. Let’s go.

Hey, guys. I’m Becca Pike and welcome to The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast, the number one show for entrepreneurs looking to create their first six-figure year. If you’ve got the drive and you know how to hustle but you’re not sure where to channel your energy, we’ve got the answers. Let’s dive into today’s show.

Becca: Hello ladies. How are you guys?

Brittany: We’re good.

Haven: We’re good.

Becca: Let’s take just a quick second. Introduce yourself. Tell us what business you own, and then we’ll get started on some coaching. Sound good?

Haven: I’m Haven Andrews and co-owner Mind & Body Wellness MedSpa.

Brittany: I am Brittany Bowles. I am co-owner of Mind & Body Wellness MedSpa as well.

Becca: Awesome. So you guys have a med spa. Can you just give us a quick explanation, Brittany, in what that means for somebody that doesn’t know what the word med spa means?

Brittany: So for a med spa, you’re correct. Most people don’t know. We do things like Botox fillers. We do micro needling. We do HydraFacials. We also do IV nutrition. So if you would go to like the hospital and get some, you know, plain fluids, we give those, but we can also inject into the bag a bunch of vitamins to kind of help boost your immune system. So.

Becca: Yes, yeah. And where are you guys located?

Haven: We are in the sales.

Becca: Okay, awesome. Yeah, so pretty close to me. I just got into the med spa world. I was approached by a group of girls that were getting ready to start a med spa, and I didn’t know a single thing. I was like what is Botox? What is filler? Like I don’t understand. It was such a testament too to your business coach not having to know exactly what you do to still help you grow your business. Like I didn’t need to know what that was. I just needed to know how to get customers in the door, right, and like how to manage a team.

But started getting Botox, started getting filler, started getting facials, started going there when I was hungover to get an IV drip. I’m like oh, how did I not know how amazing this world is? Since then, I’ve coached so many med spas. Are you all both nurse practitioners?

Haven: Yes.

Brittany: We are.

Becca: Yeah, I have a love for NPs too. I’ve coached probably, I don’t know, like 15 or 16 NPs. You guys are just a group of really hard working people. Like I haven’t found one NP that isn’t willing to just like dig their heels in the sand and get shit done. It’s amazing.

Haven: It’s what you gotta do.

Becca: Okay so you guys have already opened. You have a storefront. Is that correct?

Haven: Mm-hmm.

Becca: And how long have you guys been open?

Haven: We opened in June of last year. So less than a year.

Becca: So almost a year. Okay, great. And how’s it going so far?

Haven: It’s going good. I mean we’ve grown quite a bit. When we first opened, we just did injectables. So we’ve been able to continuously add services and perfect the ones that we have. So it’s going well.

Becca: Okay, great. So what can I coach you guys on today?

Haven: Girl, where to start? I think that what we need is like someone to push us. Like do it afraid type thing, which we have done. We’ve made risks. We’ve gone to the bank and done all of that stuff, which is scary on its own, but we both still work PRN and other jobs as like a financial buffer for both of us. So, like me and Brittany have had talks like how do we get our business to the next level because we want to quit or PRN like as needed jobs so that we can just like fully be M&B. So we just want someone to give us some direction and push us in that way.

Becca: Yeah, absolutely. So do you have an official target? Like when we reach this much income, like that’s when we’ll know that we’re ready. Are you just basing it on how you feel? Like what’s that look like?

Haven: That’s also a good question. So we haven’t really picked a specific number. Each month we’ve increased our goal, but there hasn’t been like a cap. Like hey, when we hit this number, we’re quitting our job.

Becca: Yeah.

Haven: We haven’t done that yet, but that sounds like a good idea.

Becca: Yeah, well, so obviously you want to have a goal each month. You want to like shoot for a new number each month. This is what I teach my clients as well. I like to look at quarterly goals as well. I think you should do that for the rest of time forever, right? But right now, it’s like my guess, because I work with a lot of people that are working full time, but they want their business to take off.

A lot of times these entrepreneurs are waiting for like this feeling to feel like they’re ready, right? Which by the way, like never comes. I swear you guys will be making like $100,000 each, and you’ll be like, “I just don’t know if I should quit my $50,000 a year part time job.”

So what you don’t want to do in a situation like this is go completely based on feeling. Now, I’m also a very intuitive person, and I coach people to be intuitive. But having a number where you guys have sat down. I don’t know if you guys have partners, but talked with your partner, not talked with your partner, but like to be able to sit down and say, “This is what we’re going for.” I would even suggest having a number that repeats itself a few times. Like we need to hit this number for a few months, and then we will know that we’re ready.

Because otherwise you’re just going based on feelings. You will never feel ready. Because the funny thing about numbers is they’re kind of like this carrot in front of your nose situation where you’re like constantly chasing a bigger number. Which can be fun and healthy but not when it comes to making decisions based on those numbers because there will always be the feeling that it needs to be more and more.

So do you guys know like how much you need to live on? Whenever you’re choosing this number, I would encourage you to choose a number that still feel slightly uncomfortable. It’s going to push you to want to grow your business more. Because when you do stop your other job, you’re going to have a fire in your ass. You can be like, “Oh shit, like we need to make this grow.” But it also needs to be a situation in which you can go a few months and your bills are still covered, right? Do you guys have a number in mind?

Haven: Are you talking about for the business or for our personal salaries?

Becca: For your personal salaries?

Haven: Yeah, I mean I think we each—Because as an NP, fortunately in Kentucky, we get paid pretty decent depending on the area where we practice. So I think that’s too a part of it that’s hard for us is because it’s like do we expect to make what we were making prior to quitting?

Becca: Forget what you make already and just think about the bills that you have at your home. We can even take a second. You guys can like do a rough estimate here, but like think about what you need to pay for your house loan, your car loan, like your groceries.

I kind of want to just know like, what can you skim by on? I’m not saying you have to live on rice and beans necessarily, but I am saying like you don’t need to think about what you could be making. Like let that go, right? Just think about what you need to be making. Then find that number and say, “Okay, when we hit that number and we see it for three consecutive months, like we are capable of leaving our positions.”

Haven: I think realistically for my family to kind of just still kind of live our comfortable life where we’re—I mean my kids could live on ramen noodles. They love them. That’s terrible to say, but I don’t want them to eat that all the time. However, we could probably live on me making $40,000 to $50,000 for the year still comfortably. Even though as an NP I made significantly more at my position where I was a paid employee and not the owner. So I think that is a place to kind of start for me would be at least like us making $50,000.

Becca: Yeah. So what is that like roughly a month? You guys know how to math?

Haven: About $4,000-ish?

Becca: Yeah, about $4,000?

Haven: Yeah.

Becca: Okay. Are you guys anywhere near taking that home yet?

Haven: The business is doing fine in that regard, but for us to both pay ourselves that equal amount? No.

Becca: Okay. You guys have an accountant that has helped you understand like how to pay yourself each month. You doing it based on percentages or no? You just…

Haven: So we have an accountant, yes. Has he talked to us in great deal about that? No.

Brittany: Yeah, we requested that. However, he hasn’t set up the meeting with us to do that.

Becca: Because what you don’t want to do is—There’s totally two different sides of the spectrum here. I’ve seen people that leaves so much money in their business account because they’re just so concerned. They want an insane pillow for an emergency, which I don’t think is necessary either. But also like to sit down with someone and say, “Okay, this is what the company needs each month. This is how much of a pillow we need. Then the percentage after that we get to take home.

Like getting really clear on that because you guys might be bringing home too little. You might be bringing home too much. You don’t want to do the latter either, right? But that’s the first thing is getting super clear on what you should even be bringing home. You might find that you’re closer to your number than you thought.

If you’re not, let’s say that you’re only halfway there. That’s totally fine. That’s great news. Like you guys can increase your revenue significantly just through learning how to sell your brand, sell your business. Like, to me, that’s the easy part is getting people in the door.

But getting clear on this backend stuff, knowing exactly what you want to take home, exactly what you’re allowed to take home each month so you’re not flying by the seat of your pants, you’re gonna find a lot of clarity with that and a lot more comfort with that. So definitely get on the phone with your accountant. Ask him how you can set up that meeting. Get to know exactly what your numbers can be.

Haven: Okay, perfect. Yeah, I think that that’s the biggest thing with talking to you today is for us to—The business aspect. You know, we’re NPs. We’re medical at heart. We’re good at taking care of people, but the running the business part is where we’re…

Becca: Yeah. That’s how most people are. Like most people start businesses because they’re really great at what they do, right? Like, you find any yoga studio owner, like he or she started the business because she loved yoga. Like she’s good at yoga. That doesn’t translate into knowing how to pay yourself and talk to accountants and hold these meetings and understand sound business investments.

That’s what we want anyway. Like that’s why I tell people who hire a business coach. I’m like we want you passionate about the NP stuff. We want you passionate about aesthetics. You know, like the other thing you can just hire out. So you guys are on the right track. You just got to be sure that you’re like crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s with the business side of stuff. But yeah, how does that feel? How’s that fee just knowing that you can gain some clarity on that?

Haven: I don’t know where we haven’t thought we give ourselves like a goal to reach like okay, when this happens.

Becca: Yeah.

Haven: Like we had a goal to hit $10,000 in a month ago, and we’re gonna pop this bottle of wine when we hit $10,000. So the next time we’re going to quit our jobs Brittany.

Becca: Yeah, I love that. So also just something to remember. Like you can always go back to work. I think that sometimes people have such a black and white belief. They’re like, “Oh, my God when I quit that’s it. I’ve jumped off the cliff and like pray to God it works. It’s like no.

Like I still, to this day, like my companies are doing pretty well, and I’m still like, I could go waitress and make enough money for us to pay our bills. Like, I know how to waitress. That will never be taken from me. I used to make pretty damn good money when I was serving. I’m not too above waitressing.

I think like knowing that, like knowing that it’s in the back of my mind like I can always go get a job makes me more likely to be courageous in my business, more ballsy. Like, I don’t ever feel like there’s a situation in which I’m just fucked. You know what I mean? Like, I’m resourceful. You guys are resourceful. You guys can quit your job. If it goes really bad, you can go get another job, right.

I remember when my husband was the breadwinner. He’s an accountant. He was working at Big Ass Fans in Georgetown. He was the breadwinner of the family when I was starting Massage Strong. I was only bringing in like literally, I don’t know, $35,000 a year or something like that. He was bringing in the majority of the money.

We knew that we wanted to go all in on Massage Strong and grow it and like take out some business loans and make it much bigger, but I could only do so much. I was like pregnant with our third kid. We were just—It was crazy. We had to come to this decision like when does he leave his job and go full time? Like, are we capable of living on that type of income if it doesn’t go well?

What we decided was we went ahead and pulled the trigger. He left his job and we said, “We have 90 days to make X. Like in the next three months, we’re gonna go all in, we’re gonna make X, and if in those three months we don’t make X, he’s gonna go get another accounting job.” Right? We were so fucking scared that we made it in like 45 days. There’s a fire that happens in your butt whenever it’s go time and there is nothing to fall back on Because he quit and I was like, what did we just do? It is time to work. What are we doing? I’m pregnant. Who made this decision?

Brittany: Oh, gosh. Yeah.

Haven: That’s crazy.

Becca: But yeah, just remember like when you guys jump off the cliff, you’re not jumping off a cliff. Like you can always go back to work. You can decide on a number. You can watch that number come in for a few months and then take the leap. You can take the leap, have a couple of months cushion, and see what you can do when you can go full time. Because let me ask you this. How often is your med spa open if you guys are working?

Haven: We’re open Monday through Friday currently, and then May 1st we will go open Saturdays half day. So we’re off on Mondays. That’s typically the day that we used to go work our other jobs, sometime on a Sunday or a Saturday currently. But where we have grown and we’re having clients who where we’re needing to get in. To be a mom and to be a wife and to have a life, we wanted to kind of take away those evening hours and just give that half day on Saturday. So we’ll be five days but have Mondays off and Sundays off.

Becca: Okay, and what are the hours that people can come in Monday through Friday?

Haven: We are nine to four is what we’re moving to. Then on Saturdays, we will be nine to one.

Becca: Okay, what if I told you guys that when you have a service based brick and mortar business, your daytime hours are the absolute hardest, hardest to fill. Like you guys are leaving so much money on the table by not being open in the evenings and on the weekends.

Now, with that being said, I do not condone you guys like losing your personal life to be there in the evenings and on the weekends. But like what’s keeping you from hiring someone to man the gates from 5pm to 8pm Monday through Friday? Those are going to be your busiest, busiest hours. It’ll be so easy to fill the books on those.

To me like if Massage Strong—So I don’t know if you guys know I own Massage Strong here in Lexington. When I was growing it, it was all evenings and weekends, and I just stayed booked out of my mind because I was at home with the kids during the day while my husband was accounting. Then I would go in from like six to nine, booked out of my mind.

When I opened up daytime hours, I couldn’t believe how hard it was to fill those. Because you’re only targeting people that don’t work or people that are off during the week or like stay at home moms but only if they get childcare. Right? Like it’s just this such a sliver of people that are capable of doing daytime weekday appointments. Like, can you get them on the books? Maybe. Yeah, I’m sure.

But when you are open where people can come in after work, they can come in after they do dinner, they can come in to the point where they come in at seven o’clock and they’re out of there by eight. Like those are the fastest, easiest to book hours. Sometimes it takes a minute for your audience to catch up. Like once you open up those hours, it might take five or six weeks of talking about being open later and like emailing and making sure people know that you’re open later. There might be like a six week lag but getting yourself evenings and weekends, swear it’s like free money.

Haven: I was just gonna say I think the hard thing for us is we both have little kids, which I know you have kids as well. They’re in activities. So we want to be there on the weekends. If I’m being honest, I’m like we can barely pay ourselves. How can we bring on somebody to pay them to? But when you’re bringing in more money on the weekends and the evenings, I mean, the money comes.

Becca: Absolutely. Do you guys have anyone that’s working for you right now? Is it just you two? Okay. Oh, man, welcome to the beautiful world of passive income guys. This is gonna be the most amazing thing. All right, let me ask you this. I just love like getting my calculator out. Let’s say that you guys are open from four to eight. Let’s say in that four hours, you get like a lip filler appointment and two Botox appointments and like a facial appointment. Does this sound normal? Pretty conservative?

Brittany: Yeah.

Becca: Or no. You tell me.

Haven: Yeah, that’d be pretty normal.

Becca: That’s like $1,500 for those four hours. So if you hired a NP, say that that’s like $45 an hour. You tell me?

Haven: Most would probably at least request $50. Sounds right?

Brittany: Yeah.

Becca: Okay, let’s just say $50 an hour for those four. So they’re gonna get $50 an hour. Their pay is $200 You’re pocketing $1,300. You following me everybody?

Haven: Well damn it Becca when you put it like that.

Becca: Times five, let’s say Monday through Friday, okay. You’re pocketing $1,300 a night times five nights. That’s $6,500 a week, times four weeks out of the month. That is $26,000 extra dollars that you would be bringing in if every night you did a filler appointment, two Botox, and one facial. Now that can look thousand different ways. That could end up being four Botox’s and a facial or whatever.

But I just want you guys to see how small you’re thinking when you’re thinking about the money that it would cost to pay this person. Because like this person, let’s say that they worked four hours a day times five days a week times four. That’s $4,000 a month you’re paying this person to be your evening girl or guy. So $4,000 a month to bring it in and pocket $26,000.

It doesn’t have to be you guys. You guys can never miss a game, a soccer game, gymnastics a bed tuck in. In fact, I would highly suggest that it’s not ever you guys because when your audience falls in love with you as their practitioner, it’s so much harder to like rip the band aid off and leave. Because then they’re like, “No, I only want to see you. I only want to see you.” Which by the way isn’t true. Because when you actually leave, they’re like, “Oh my god, I love Sarah. She’s even better than you.” They never even care. But it’s so hard on yourself to do it.

But you guys are leaving like $26,000 a month on the table just thinking about having to pay $4,000 a month to this person who’s gonna bring you in so much money, so much money. Then we could talk about having another person on the evenings, right, where if you can book out one person, you can book out two people.

As far as I know, Versailles doesn’t have a lot of aesthetics spas, and it’s like the richest per capita county in Kentucky and one of the biggest in the world because of that horse money, you know what I mean? But like you guys are sitting on a fuck ton of money, and you’re not taking advantage of it right now.

So I’m a little bit ballsy. I’m a little bit courageous. My thing is like go take out a fucking loan so that you can pay this person for three months, work your ass off on getting these filled up, your entire everything that you’re doing is getting your evenings filled up, getting this person booked. You guys not having to be there. You guys are still tucking your kids in, start building that passive income, and just have a blast with that.

Brittany: Get after it.

Haven: Yeah.

Brittany: When you put it like that I’m like, dang it.

Haven: I know, and it’s funny too because we’ve been trying to find ways to essentially make passive income. Like how can we make money without spending a ton of money or like not physically being here grinding? So.

Becca: Yeah, I never think about—Like okay so my like payroll for Massage Strong is like $80,000 every two weeks. There’s no resistance because I know that if they’re getting paid $80,000, that means they have brought me in at least $60,000 to pocket, you know what I mean? Like, if they weren’t making that $80,000, I wouldn’t have the $60,000 the pocket. You know what I’m saying?

So like, it doesn’t even occur to me that it’s a problem. Because every time that they are giving a massage and I’m at home with my kids, I am getting money from that. They’re getting money too. They’re loving it, right? Like we have some people that are making a lot of money through tips and all of that. And like it is so fun to be able to be that person that has provided a place for these people to make good money, make good tips, pay their rent, and I’m pocketing.

I always think about it like I’m not pocketing based on work hours. It’s not like I’m there massaging anymore, but I’m pocketing based on the courage that it took to take out the loan to do the thing. Like I’m getting paid for the amount of balls I had to have to like start the business and like the loans that I’m still paying back to be able to create such a position, such a place, right.

It’s like, to me, that’s what business owning is all about is you guys having the courage to take out the loan, to create a space like this, to be willing to let someone work there in the evenings when you’re not there, trusting them, managing them. Like, that’s what you guys are going to be getting paid for. It’s not going to always be just standing there injecting people.

In fact, that’s the least amount of money that you guys can make is when you’re the one that is standing and injecting. Because you might be getting paid $100 an hour or whatever, but when you step back and you start managing people and building a team and doing some of this like CEO shit, that’s when you guys are going to be getting paid thousands of dollars an hour when you can duplicate yourselves and not have to be the one injecting.

Brittany: Yeah.

Haven: Yeah, I like the way that sounds.

Brittany: For sure.

Becca: Like oh, more money while I’m at home? Sign me up.

Haven: Yes please,

Brittany: Yes, for sure. Yes, and I think part of our problem is to is Haven and I are both very conservative people. We’re not those like super ballsy people. I mean, we’re ballsy in the sense of like starting this and taking this leap of faith, but some of the stuff that you’ve talked about I’m like cool yeah. That gives me the bad feeling down deep.

Becca: Yeah, well, there’s tons of resources out there. There’s tons of business coaches. If it’s not me, it can be anybody else, but like people know how to do this right?

Like in 30 More there’s videos. How do you hire? How do you know when to hire? How do you manage people? What does that look like? At what point do you hire more? At what point do you need to stop hiring and like rein it back in? Like all of that stuff is out there. Resources are out there. They’re everywhere.

Like you guys don’t have to be phenomenal at business owning. Don’t ever let that get in your head where you like are like oh my god, what am I doing? I’m just an NP trying to run this business. Like fuck that noise. Like there’s so many people out there that are going gonna be able to help you. You guys just focus on staying focused on growing your monthly sales, like managing people well, and showing up in your community, and just getting people in the door as much as possible. That’s all you need to focus on.

Brittany: I’m not sure if you’re aware, but we signed up for your Three More class. So we’re, we’re…

Becca: Yes. How’s it going so far?

Haven: We just started.

Brittany: Well, we just signed up.

Becca: Oh okay.

Brittany: Yeah.

Becca: Good. Good.

Brittany: I was actually during our first meeting working at my other job. It was already on the books. So I was like, oh, of course.

Becca: Well, you can watch all the recordings in the past.

Brittany: Yes.

Becca: So every recording that’s ever been is on there. Well, that’s not true. I only started recording them like six months ago, but you have at least six months of recordings to look back on.

Brittany: Yes.

Becca: But yeah, I’m glad to have you in there. Thank you for signing up. And are you guys gonna sign up for 30 More as well? Do you guys meet the minimum criteria?

Haven: We do meet the minimum. Well, we haven’t finished the Three More. So I think that’s one of it, but we had planned to. I guess we wouldn’t make it for this time just because we haven’t done the Three More. But if you do one in the fall maybe?

Becca: You just have to be signed up for Three More. So like.

Haven: Oh.

Becca: You guys are capable of coming in this time, this round.

Haven: Got it. Okay.

Brittany: Okay. Yeah, we’ll definitely have to talk about that. That would be awesome. We’re ready to get there.

Haven: Yeah after your last we’re like oh my gosh, we want to do that. How do we do that?

Becca: Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. We’re having some serious success in there. Like this kind of stuff anyway, like this stuff that we just talked about today, like imagine getting that every week. You know every week we go over other things that you guys need to know. There’s just lots of coaching that’s happening in there. There’s other aesthetics owners in there as well, which is really fun because they all feed off each other and is like building this random aesthetics community that I wasn’t trying to build. But here we are.

Brittany: But we’re here for it.

Haven: It’d be nice to have. Yeah, it’s nice to have.

Becca: It is fun. All right. So before we go, is there anything that I can just like tie a bow on or wrap up for you or like how are you feeling? Tell me what you got.

Brittany: Yeah, I feel hopeful in that. We’ve always kept the faith. I mean we’ve always said like, we’re in this. Our families are depending on us. Like you said NPs, we dig in our heels. We’re both stubborn, super independent women. Our husbands, they know that we’re stubborn, and that this is–

Becca: God bless the men of women business owners, for real. Like let’s all do a slow clap for the husband of us female business owners because they are the real MVPs.

Brittany: They are. They are. But after talking with you, it’s brought in even more faith and hope for me in the sense of okay, we can do that. We can take that. We can run with that. And like Haven said, you’ve given us some tasks and things to talk about. That’s the thing for us. We just need direction, and we can do it.

Becca: Yeah. Yeah, I’m excited. I don’t have any—And I’m not just saying this to like blow smoke up your ass. I don’t have any concern about you guys making as much money as you want. Like, I look at the aesthetics industry, and I’m like dang those are some profit margins right there. Like that is—All you got to do is be willing to figure out how to sell it.

Like if you were just willing to open up a place, figure out how to sell it, and give really good work, right? Like, you can’t just be like fill in people’s faces like a ridiculous monkey. Like you can’t do that. But like you got to be good at what you do, and you gotta be willing to be courageous, but the aesthetics industry is insane to me. I’ve told my husband before, I’m like we should open an aesthetics industry. Like 100% profit margins are there.

You know, I started working with some girls in Nashville, Tennessee. They started their business. They like ended up profiting somewhere close to a million dollars in their first two years. I started working with some girls in Lexington. I was with them when they opened their doors. Like they hired me before they ever opened their doors. I feel like I’m another owner with them. Like I am so invested in their company as well. They’re looking at making well over a million dollars this year. They got shut down with the pandemic a month after opening. So like they had a really difficult first year.

Then I have an aesthetics girl in Georgetown. When she found me she was doing $40,000 a year, and she had been open for like nine years. I’ve been working with her for a year now. She went from $40,000 last year to, I think she’s sitting at like—don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty positive it’s somewhere around like $350. She went from like $40 to $350. She had been open for years, but like I said like you just don’t know the business side of it.

So she was doing the best she could, but she was working her face off. She had a lot of resistance to hiring people. Because when you become that tied to your audience, it’s almost like a bad thing. It’s almost like if you’re the only one injecting for years and years and they only trust you, and you have kind of taught them to only trust you then it’s so hard to pull back and be like, “Hey, trust these other people.”

So to me, it’s important that you start the business with other people for your audience to trust. You’re not in a situation where you have to like take yourself away from them. Like you want them to just build that love with somebody from the beginning.

Brittany: Yeah.

Becca: Well, thanks for being here. I am glad that we got to hash some of that stuff out, and hopefully you all feel a little bit more empowered and clearer and better.

Brittany: Yes, for sure.

Haven: We do. Thank you so much for having us, yeah.

Becca: You’re very welcome. Okay. Can you tell my audience where they can find you on Instagram? Like where they can find your website?

Haven: Yeah, so our website is Our Instagram is M&B Wellness MedSpa. We’re also on Facebook, and you can always call our office. All of our contact information is on there.

Becca: Awesome. You guys are in Versailles, Kentucky, which is just a few minutes outside of Lexington. So anybody that is local looking for a new aesthetics place, definitely try them out. All right, thank you ladies have a great rest of your day, and we’ll chat soon.

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to listen to today’s episode. If you’re looking to get more clarity and momentum for your business, visit See you next week here on The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.


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