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The amount of time that it takes for you to accomplish your tasks in a day is up to you.

Time isn’t something that happens to you. You are in charge of what gets done in your own time.

If you want to write a newsletter to your audience you can choose to do it in 20 min or in two hours. It’s a decision. If you allow yourself 20 minutes, then by god you better turn your notifications off, hunker down, and start pouring thoughts on paper. If writing this newsletter has taken you two hours EVERY SINGLE TIME you’ve written it…that’s just because you’ve allowed it to.

It may feel foreign to most people at first to realize that there’s a difference between thinking “a task takes a certain amount of time” versus “a task takes the exact amount of time that we give it.”

If you wanted to create a 100k per year business by only working 1 hour per day, you could.

It would be hard, but you could.

It would require planning, but you could.

It’s not about having more time in a day, it’s about being more efficient with the time you have.

The most subtle but powerful question isn’t ‘how much time will this take,’ but ‘how much time am I going to allow this to take.’

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Become A Master Of Your Time

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Become A Master Of Your Time

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