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You want to increase your income.

You want to buy the coach, the course, or the certification.

You want success.


You’re strapped for cash.

Your business hasn’t taken off the way you hoped and right now, you just literally don’t have the money.

Listen, I 100% get it. I didn’t either at the beginning of my entrepreneur life, when I was going to the live coaching events and hiring the coaches and all the things that cost substantial investments.

Here’s the thing: you’re only wanting to do these things if you can pay cash, and you’re trying to keep your business debt-free. Because that’s what you’ve been taught.

And, because someone taught this to you, you actually think it’s the right idea, but I actually believe it is one of the biggest mistakes that new entrepreneurs make. Keeping your business debt-free is not nobler, more respectable, or necessarily more intelligent.

If you’re absolutely against taking out debt for your business at all costs, (and don’t have a huge start-up fund like an inheritance or a life saving); then, I can almost 100% guarantee that you’re not where you want to be right now in your success.

Did that sting? It did, because truth burns our asses.

Listen, I get it. I was a Dave Ramsey girl THROUGH AND THROUGH. I think being debt-free is a badass thing to be…IN. YOUR. PERSONAL. LIFE.

Most people have never stopped to think about the separation between business debt and personal debt.

Business debt is SIGNIFICANTLY different from personal debt. Business debt, when spent properly is an accelerator to growth. It can be the REASON you succeed. It can be the catalyst towards wealth. It can be THE investment in your new life.

Business Debt can be a tool – a leveraging tool and a speed tool.

The best investments to get your business off the ground are investments with returns. Like education (expand your knowledge on HOW to make money) or marketing (expand the number of people you can reach, as well as creating quality reaches).

We see people time and time again coming into Hell Yes Coaching, dropping 20k in a year to work with one of our Hell Yes Coaches, only to turn around and make ~80-100k more per year than they would have without a coach.

Conversely, we also see people who come to us wanting a coach SO BADLY but refuse to put it on a credit card or a loan. Unfortunately, the things their coach could have taught them in two phone calls is going to now take them a year to find out on their own.

It may even cost them tens of thousands of dollars of mistakes on their own without someone showing them how to properly grow their business.

The fear of debt is keeping people in a place of trying to grow their business without the proper education, mentorship, marketing, and tools they need for growth.

It’s like trying to water your flowers with only 1/4th of the water your flowers actually want. Will your flowers survive with 1/4th of the water? Perhaps. But will they thrive? No.

Water your business, guys.

And for clarity’s sake…I am not saying that everyone should run off and go into debt ASAP.

But, I am saying that if your business is stagnant, your marketing is subpar, or if you need to expand and you don’t have the financial ability to do so in cash, debt may be the catalyst you desperately need.

Your business coach, Becca Pike

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