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Sometimes we confuse ourselves with the idea that success should feel good all of the time.

I have clients that will start dipping into more successful months or weeks, and they are surprised that their emotions don’t necessarily line up with what they thought it would feel like.

Have you ever had a super successful month, only to realize you feel anxious, depleted, or have a whole new level of imposter syndrome?

I want to offer you this thought:

We don’t have to push that away or label it as “bad.” When you’re TRYING to get away from an emotion, it makes it worse, not better. When you aren’t trying to push it away, it will go away.

Allow the emotions and give them grace.

Success comes with ALL the emotions. Not just the good ones. It can feel terrifying or like it might fall out from under you at any given moment. This is because it requires a lot of unknowns to become successful.

You can’t have the success without the unknowns, and you cant have the unknowns without the unease.

Keep going.

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Embrace All Of The Emotions…

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