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Dear Beautiful People:

Did I ever tell you about the time in 2020 that I went three whole months without making a single dollar and bombed every single one of my consults? My close rate was 0% from March 2020 until June 2020.

Want to know what I made it mean about me?

Absolutely nothing.

It didn’t mean I sucked at selling.

It didn’t mean I shouldn’t be a coach.

It didn’t remove my belief in my service, in myself, in my product. I allowed myself to feel ALL the feelings (frustrated and sad,) but I became solution-oriented.

I started looking for the evidence that created a 0% close rate the same way I would look for evidence if a hypothesis in a science experiment showed up as incorrect.

Shaming yourself doesn’t bring you closer to a goal. It takes you further away.

Curiosity and experimentation take you closer to a goal.

The more time you spend spinning in frustration over your circumstances, the more time you’re wasting and leaving money on the table.

I went on that year to make HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars. Even with a 3-month zero rate.

What are you making your success MEAN?

What does it actually mean?

Keep your eyes set on the solution.


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Failure Doesn’t Define You

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