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100% of the graduates of Thirty More have DOUBLED their yearly revenue in 6 months.

Guys, this is UNHEARD OF in the coaching industry.

We still have 1.5 months left in our mastermind and here are the shocking numbers:

  • Member 1: Started in June at 91k and 5 months later is at 150k.
  • Member 2: Started in June at 79k and 5 months later is at 145k.
  • Member 3: Started in June at 50k and 5 months later is at 140k.
  • Member 4: Was not able to complete the 6 months with us, but started at 42k and in only 3.5 months, ended at 70k.
  • Member 5: Started in June at 1.38m and 5 months later is at 3.0m.

Guys, these numbers are absolutely unheard of. To have such drastic increases in such a short amount of time from ALL members isn’t ‘normal’ when in a mastermind.

So what gives? Why are we seeing so much success?

It’s not that we have a magic pill. It’s not because I am holding hands with every single member and walking them to success. It’s not because we are such a small, intimate group.

It’s because Thirty More has hella high standards.

The culture has high standards, and the leader has high standards for every single person in the room.

My members joke that this room will force you to put your big boy pants on.

We don’t lean into drama.

We don’t lean into spinning in confusion.

We don’t lean into the noise about grinding and hustling.

We are a group of high-level thinkers that find solutions to our issues and we celebrate our successes.

We lean on each other to do exactly what we promise – to actually Mastermind.

These financial results are in a class of their own, but as you hear me preach often, it’s not all about the money.

Here are some non-monetary things that happened in this room in only 6 months:

  • 100% of our members are clocking less work hours than they were 1 year ago. (SIGNIFICANTLY less for most of them.)
  • 100% of them are more in tune with how health plays a part in business, and have become healthier as a side product of entering this group.
  • 1 of them had significantly less anxiety and fewer panic attacks this year compared to last year. She attributes this to having a community of fellow entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of, and a feeling of belonging. (In case you didn’t know: growing a company with no colleagues is hella stressful.)
  • 100% of the graduates have a significantly deeper understanding of how to hire, manage, staff, and lead people.
  • And 100% of them have more staff this year because of it.

All our members come from different industries and backgrounds. We have coaches, brick-and-mortar owners, program creators, and real estate professionals. This room is for all service-based businesses.

This room is for you.

Hands down, this is the room you want to be in. And this is the room that is making things happen.

You want 2022 to be your best year yet and this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Join this crew of high-level thinkers, because they are just beginning.

Their next round will only compound what they’ve learned this round. It’s time to start compounding.

We are 7 days away from enrollment. You can begin filling out your applications now, here

Mark your calendars. It’s go time.

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