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6:45: Alarm
7:00-8:00: Coffee w hubs
9:30: CrossFit class
10:30: Lunch
12:00: Hot yoga class
1:30: Shower
4:00: Arcade with my husband
6:00: Dinner

The total amount of money my companies brought in while I was busy with the schedule above: $4,136

Passive income is Queen, y’all. 👸

Most people think passive income is just for the wealthy.

But, my broke ass wasn’t hearing any of that when I started my first business rubbing two pennies together.

Passive income is for you, me, your mama, your sister, and your kids.

My very first attempt at passive income was hiring someone to work my business while I rested my overworked, exhausted body. I was absolutely terrified to hire that person. But, unlike most people, I was willing to fail at it. That was roughly 60 employees and 6 years ago.

The schedule above was always my dream.

For me, it’s always been about time freedom. About making my own schedule. About not just agreeing with people who told me life was so busy.

It was a middle finger to people saying the poor get poorer.

A middle finger to the wait-til-you-retire-for-time-freedom.

We all can have passive business income.

But, you gotta want it as bad as I did, and your business must have a steady stream of customers.

Without a steady stream of customers, owners stay in the client acquisition phase and can’t mature out of it into the business building phase.

My class, Three More, is a lifetime-access class filled with training videos, worksheets, challenges, a community of entrepreneurs, and weekly business coaching. It is all about securing that steady stream of customers.

Sign up today.

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