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We all want the glamorous work. We want the work that gives us validation.

We make the speech and the crowd goes WILD.

We make the reel and we go viral.

We become a best-selling author with sold-out book tours.

We send the email and thousands of dollars are injected into our bank accounts.

The glamorous work is the work we dream about when we are daydreaming about where our career is going.

The glamorous work is NOT the work that gets us the sold out book tours. Or the validation. Or the viral videos.

In fact, it’s the boring ass, mundane, no-one-is-watching-work that makes the glam possible.


  • Consistently sending out the emails filled with valuable content.
  • Looking at your back end statistics and problem solving for growth.
  • Meeting with your marketing team to discuss new ideas.
  • Sitting and sharing your content across all media platforms. It’s tedious. No one likes to do it.
  • Getting up early. Making yourself sit at the computer when you really just don’t want to, but you promised yourself a deadline and you take it seriously.
  • Reading books.
  • Taking the courses.

The things that make you better when no one is watching and no validation is coming your way.  

There is so much that people want to bypass….because we are now looking for that quick hit of dopamine…that quick hit of productivity…..of finding evidence our work paid off. We want the recognition. We are all just a bunch of kids wanting a sticker on our sticker chart.

For every overnight success you see, there are months or years of tedious work we didn’t see.

For every Instagram person whose reels look amazing, there are at least a hundred previous reels that look like shit.

For every person on stage speaking, or every person making a million dollars a year, or every person who has 3 and 4 and 5 locations for their brick and mortar…there are blood, sweat and tears that we don’t see.

Are you picking up what I’m lying down? 

The boring work is what moves the needle.

The boring work is what creates massive movement. 

The putting your head down and grinding when no one is watching to pat you on the back is what brings in the money.

The glam is just the storefront. And a storefront, alone, doesn’t make money.

The boring work is what gets people into the store.

The glam doesn’t exist without the boring work.

Go write the emails. GO look at the finances. Go have the meetings.

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This group is not your run of the mill, one-industry echo chamber. This is a diverse group of all industries leaning on each other and my teachings to create what they have never before created. We have doctors, coaches, doulas, real estate investors, massage therapists, house cleaners…all learning to make hundreds of thousands of dollars through scaling, delegating and problem solving.

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PPS: Listen to today’s podcast episode How to Create a Vibe and Kickstart your Sales

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Or…we could STOP doing it for the glam

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