I once ran into a man that followed me on social media, and he said to me:

“Wow, Becca. You are just so much less aggressive and much cooler in person than you are on social media.”

Bahahaha…I laughed OUT loud at this.

Y’all I know I am intense and come across, ahem….vigorous. I’ve been what some would consider “too much” since the day I came out of my mama with a briefcase in hand and shit to do.

Here is what I know for sure though: My passion and intensity are true and pure. I was asked why I think that my clients are getting such strong results. He said, “Why is everyone doubling their income? Is that true, and if so, what are you doing differently than other coaches and courses?”

I will be the first to tell you, I am not great at a lot of things:

  • I am NOT smarter than the average Jane. In fact, my grades in school were always sub-par.
  • I am NOT more organized. I am still working on this.
  • And I am NOT a lot of things. But, I make up for it 10-fold in other areas.

What some would consider my least appealing quality, my clients would consider my most–my passion. Good news: this is something you have too. Don’t hide it.

That intensity the man was talking about…when it is combined with business experience, is ROCKET FUEL to goals being reached.

My passion for my own results is minuscule compared to my passion for getting my client’s results.

When you create results for your customers, more customers will flock to you. That is the way business has always worked. Quality trumps quantity every time.

1 successful client > 10 semi-successful clients.

When your customers are reaching their goals, it forces YOU to show up and level up to a higher degree. Your customers come first and your own personal results will always follow.

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