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Contrary to popular belief, muscles do not actually get stronger when they are worked. In fact, they get weaker. Muscles get broken down during periods of work and grow stronger during periods of rest.

Rest = Growth

This year we have been “worked” in ways we could not have imagined. It has been hard. And it is okay to admit it. But you better believe you will be stronger for it.

Give your mind and body proper rest. Eat healthy. Exercise. Read books. Connect with loved ones. Write something. Paint something. Be creative.

Much like candy is not healthy for your body, common ideas of “rest” are not helpful for your mind. Binge watching Netflix may feel restful, and may even have value, but it is not the proper rest your mind needs. Junk food is not the proper rest your body needs.

Rest properly and grow stronger.

Over the next two weeks, think about how you grew so far this year. What did you learn? How will you use it to finish out the rest of the year strong?

Your mind and body may be tired. Give yourself permission to properly rest.

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