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We’ve all been there before…You have a goal and it just doesn’t seem like it is going to happen.

You made the plan. You were consistent. You persevered.

Could you do more? Well, yeah. Absolutely.

But, should you do more? That is the question to explore. How you approach the answer to this question depends on how far into the future you want to look.

If your 90-day goal was to increase your followers to 10,000 because you want to be an influencer, then you should probably continue on your goal. DO NOT PIVOT.

If your 90-day goal was to increase your followers to 10,000 because you want to have an audience for your book launch, in which the book has yet to be written, PIVOT. You need to write the book!

 If you realize that your goal does not align with your long-term goals then a pivot is the right course of action.

If you realize that your goal is much harder than you expected, you need to keep grinding.

You can pivot for two reasons.

Reason #1:  It got hard and it is a pivot of avoidance.

Reason #2: You gained new knowledge and perspective. This is a pivot of clarity.

Pivots of avoidance are what weak people do. The people that don’t realize the commitment it takes to start a business or lose 50 pounds.

Pivots of clarity are what get people to the top. It is what successful business people do when they realize they are chasing the wrong rabbit.

If you feel like you need to pivot ask yourself this question: Am I pivoting to avoid something hard, or am I pivoting to get where I want to go more quickly?

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